Three And Out: January 10, 2010

The San Diego Chargers and New York Jets are set to face eachother next week in So Cal, and Ladainian Tomlinson's stolen MVP ring is recovered down in Texas. Also, the Electric Glide.


With the Jets emerging victorious against the Cincinatti Bengals, the Chargers now have an opponent for which they can game-plan for. The Chargers match-up favorably against the Jets, as New York's strengths do not pose direct threats to what the Chargers will look to do. As we've seen, the only way teams have been able to beat the Chargers is to score 30+ points against them and the Jets simply lack the firepower to match up offensively with the Bolts.

With that said, we are in the playoffs and the last time the Jets came here for a playoff game, they left many brokenhearted Charger fans in their wake (Pennington leads winning drive after Chargers miss field goal)


Dallas Police have recovered Ladainain Tomlinson's stolen TCU MVP ring this week while investigating a shooting at a Pleasant Grove apartment complex. From the article:

"Somebody shot through a wall of the apartment and we got the call," says Johnson. "After we made a couple of arrests in the apartment, we discovered the ring in the kitchen. We asked if anybody in the house played for TCU and it was fairly obvious that this was a stolen item."

The Chargers head of security has been notified and the ring sits in the DPD's found property department. The ring was reportedly given to Tomlinson after winning the Dan Rogers Award as the team's MVP while at TCU in 1999.

Thanks Wally for the heads up!



Charger fan "Raiders Suck" sent this over earlier, and I almost hit my head on the ground from falling over laughing so hard. Looks like a viral Nike commercial - love it...

January 10, 2010

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John said... Jan 10, 2010, 6:02:00 PM

The New York Jets vs. San Diego Chargers line opened Sunday afternoon at San Diego -9. New York will play in San Diego following Baltimore's stunning defeat of New England on the road.
This match is so wonderful.Do you have more NFL Draft?

Michael Whitehead said... Jan 10, 2010, 7:55:00 PM

(omgamike) - I have been a devout Charger fan since 1961, when I was growing up, living just up the canyon from Charger stadium, in a neighborhood called Mission Village. Way back in the days of Lance Alworth, Dan Fouts and Don Coryell. Though I now live in a small town in West Virginia, I still pray I live long enough to see them finally win a Super Bowl. I wish "Bambi" was still playing with them, along with Fred Dean and Natrone Means and the rest of the crew!!

Chris said... Jan 11, 2010, 10:15:00 AM

Haha it does look very Nike!

Don't forget to check up on Steve Gregory on to get him amped for the divisional round!!!

Anonymous said... Jan 11, 2010, 10:41:00 AM

Mr. Whitehead - Hey!, it's wonderful to hear from another old-time fan that remembers the original San Diego Chargers! They were *GREAT*, even if Alworth never played with Fouts or Coryell, or that the first Charger game near your boyhood 'hood of Mission Village wasn't until August of '67. No worries, Michael! Want I want more than anything is to see our Bolts *WIN* this coming Super Bowl (yes, they can do it), and then also see Don Coryell standing and alert as they finally oh-so-deservedly induct him into the Hall of Fame this year too!!!
Oh, that would be SO SWEET!!! I have to just pause and enjoy the image.
Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssss. Thank you Jesus.
Go Bolts!!!

Anonymous said... Jan 14, 2010, 10:10:00 AM

Jets provide a good match-up for San Diego? Are you kidding me? The Jets provide a match-up nightmare for the Bolts. Would you rather play the Jets or the lowly Bengals?

You will find out about this "favorable" matchup Sunday when the Jets run on SD all day long, chew up the clock and punch in some TD's. And when you try and throw the ball, they'll blitz you all day long, put pressure on Rivers and bend but not break--especially in the red zone. The Jets can stop your run and although will give up some big plays (dumps to Sproles and a few to Gates) I believe the Jets will win the battle at BOTH lines of scrimmage and rise to victory. 31-27, Jets!

Mark said... Jan 15, 2010, 11:17:00 AM

These jets fans must be smoking the same stuff that Rex Ryan is to think they're going to win this one. All Chargers, all day long!!!

Anonymous said... Jan 19, 2010, 5:02:00 PM

sucks to be a charger fan right now...oh yeah old dude mike, you wont live to see the chargers win a superbowl sorry...theyre choke artists and will never make it. Oh and all you charger fans can kindly take off those ridiculous flags off your longer needed. thanks!

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