San Diego Chargers Release Ladainian Tomlinson

Future Hall of Fame running back Ladainian Tomlinson was released today after nine incredible seasons with the San Diego Chargers

Team President Dean Spanos on LT:

“This is a part of the business that I hate, and it’s particularly hard when you’re dealing with someone I consider a friend. Change involving great players is never easy. I respect LT as much or more than any player I’ve ever known. And no one appreciates his contributions to this organization more than I do. That is why this is such a difficult announcement for me to make.

“It has been a privilege to work with him and witness his entire career. I’m proud of him and grateful to him for the way he has carried himself both on and off the field.

“No matter where he chooses to continue his career, in my mind LT will always be a San Diego Charger. His legacy as one of the greatest running backs the game has ever seen will be as a Charger.”


February 22, 2010

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Mark said... Feb 22, 2010, 2:21:00 PM

LT- I have tears in my eys as I am typing this. There was nothing more than us fans wanted more than to have you win one here in SD. You will be a sure bet first round hall of famer. I hope you do still get that SB ring, even if it is with another team.


Anonymous said... Feb 22, 2010, 2:28:00 PM

LT LT LT LT LT LT!!!!!! you will be missed. I will continue to wear my #21 on sundays.

Jay said... Feb 22, 2010, 2:56:00 PM

LT will always be a Charger, no matter where he ends up! hopefully he still has a chance to make a big impact for his playing career and break more records!

Anonymous said... Feb 22, 2010, 3:04:00 PM

LT the way you help shape the culture in San Diego is much appreciated. I also want to thank you for all the touch downs you scored against the Raiders. A man of character that's what you are and the next chapter of your book begins. Thank you

Lighting 72

Anonymous said... Feb 22, 2010, 3:58:00 PM

LT... stick it to AJ and carry someone else to a superbowl...
we love you

Anonymous said... Feb 22, 2010, 4:14:00 PM

When the Trophy comes to San Diego next year, the year after that, and possibly a third in this next decade, I will personally petition for you, LT, to be our Honorary El Capitan.

Sadly, time has come to frame your authentic #21 in the ManCave. However, your Bobble Head likeness will never be replaced next to my Kegerator.

Hey! Cheer UP San Diego.....time marches on! Onward and upward! Cheerio LT, Old Bean.....See you in Canton!!!

Anonymous said... Feb 22, 2010, 5:12:00 PM

L.T.. Thank You for 9 years of great football. You brought the Chargers back to life. We all forgot about Fouts,Winslow,and that great Charger team back then when you took the field. No one Charger made such an impact for 9 years. I use to hear the Chargers back in the 60's on the radio and now get to watch on T.V. I heard Hadl to Alworth or Garrison for a T.D. Fouts to Winslow or Joiner for a T.D. But when you played. It was " L.T. toucdown!!" for 9 great years. One man show, no Charger can say that.I hope you find a team that can get your Super Bowl Ring. I didn't like it when Harrison,Seau,or Brees got their Ring. But you, I hope you get that ring, and if you have to beat the Chargers to get it. So be it. I better quit writing, before I take that back. Good Luck & God Bless

Anonymous said... Feb 22, 2010, 5:13:00 PM

LT will be miss at last the chargers will have to stand on there own..... I am sure the chargers will figure out there style I feel they have done this for the last two years. Bring on the new running back and get the heat off Rivers and win in the playoff's.

Anonymous said... Feb 22, 2010, 8:26:00 PM

It is a sad day for the Chargers, however the reality of business. LT you will be missed.

Anonymous said... Feb 23, 2010, 12:46:00 AM

Thank you L.T. Every day, and in every way, you were a shining beacon for both out local football team and our whole city. You are the best I've ever seen here, and I've been a die-hard fan for a long time.
I deeply hope and pray you will get a Super Bowl next year, even if it's with another NFL team. But in my heart, you will always be a Charger.
Go get it, LT!!! May God bless you and keep you, and your new baby too.
Rock it, bad boy, rock it! We will miss you, and probably more than we can even know right now.

Anonymous said... Feb 23, 2010, 4:46:00 AM

Wahhhhhh! Quit whinning Chargers Nation! You've got to have a positive attitude about the future. I agree with what Anonymous said on 02/22/10 @ 4:14 PM - This is actually a good thing. LT while one of the greatest was beat to shit and it is showing. This doesn't make him any less of a person, but it is what it is. Therefore, he CANNOT fit into the Chargers plans for progress. I would be surprised if he gets another starting job somewhere else. This just happens to be the self-life of a RB. Perhaps with Houston and in a rotation of three RBs would work.

I hope LT does get his shot at the jewels his finger(s)is missing, but if he remains in the AFC, he will have to run through San Diego to even get a sniff of the Lombardi. MUAHAHAHAHA HA. Good luck with that LT! However, the media darlings would love that kind of action, but not quite as much as their continued undying love, admiration, and unflinching support for the Obaminator. Disgusting!

Rock on San Diego, LT, AJ, P. Riv, Cro-Mart (wherever you may land and continue to miss tackles), and the rest of Chargers Nation. This is the refreshing rebirth of the Bolt. Watch and witness the fireworks - Chargers will be Superbowl Champs sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said... Feb 23, 2010, 9:30:00 AM

LT...LT....LT...uhhhh can you say retired??? Ok someone will pick him up, he will have to settle for less $$$ and a backup position. We will always remember him as a Charger, the player who was nothing but class on and off the field, an impact player who helped rebuild the Bolts to the place they are today. I am sadened by the fact he will no get a ring, but it is a Team sport so he is not alone in that locker room. Thanks LT for all the memories, efforts and most of all the respect you brought to SD for being who you are. Now, time to play ball!!! We are in the market for a young power baller, we can't expect to win on Rivers arm every single game. We all know Norv isn't the most "out of the box" play caller in the league, so a good old fashion power RB would certainly pose a threat to a defense. Unfortunately, Sproles is too small to use in this spot, he is awesome in the swing out, sometimes as even a wide out, we never have used him in a crossing..that would be interesting...but not the guts up the middle guy. Not the pounder we need to get us 3-6 yards so Rivers and company can open up the real Charger game plan (pass for a bazillion trillion yards). LT was our guy not too long ago, Muncie was that guy, uhhhhh wasn't Turner a younger potential RB, oh yeah we traded him because uhhhh well heck ask AJ how that worked out. Now send Cromart to anyone, and pay Jackson the bucks...he and Floyd are big time threats and not easily replaced. Give us some defensive players in this draft, we are weak, look at the rankings, weak. Improve this and we have the right mix to take it all the way!!! Considering 2011 will be a scab or non-play year, this coud be the best year we have to finally, yes finally get to the show....oh yeah better have one heck of a kickers kick off in the preseason...I see a change perhaps too.
Go Bolts

Anonymous said... Feb 23, 2010, 9:38:00 AM

The Passing attack is back Chargers' lighting Brigade. Lets stack up that defense and draft a real N/T. as a #1. With J. Williams & rookie N/T no one run on us. Can you imagine short yardage plays? Two real N/T stuffing up the middle!! Than get an OT impact player in pick #2 to block for Rivers all day long. Pick up a proven,young RB in a trade (Cromartie you hear me!) Than draft a rookie RB.Than let Spiroles go or trade, what ever makes business sense first. Charger Fans get fired up!! Alworth,Hadl,Fouts,Winslow,..etc all left, and we are still Winning!! L.T. God Bless, get yours. Because we are going to get ours thats for sure!!

Anonymous said... Feb 23, 2010, 10:40:00 AM

LT thanks for THIS WONDERFUL YEARS!!! u re one of the greatest if not the greatest charger of all time!!! we´ll miss u!! and i´ll still wear my #21 on sundays!!

good luck and thanks for everything!!

go bolts!!!!

Anonymous said... Feb 24, 2010, 6:44:00 AM

Adios LT. You've done yourself, the Bolts, and San Diego proud. That said, Rivers, without question this is your team now dawg! Now DO SOMETHING to make us forget all about the misfires of the past four years.

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