Chargers Sign Cornerback Nathan Vasher

When the San Diego Chargers traded Antonio Cromartie to the New York Jets, they knew they'd need to add considerable depth to the secondary. The Chargers signed veteran cornerback Donald a couple of weeks ago, but the team didn't stop there. The Chargers announced today that they have signed cornerback Nathan Vasher, who during his time in Chicago worked under Ron Rivera and Steve Wilks.

At one point in time, it appeared as though Nathan Vasher was emerging as one of the NFL's top cornerbacks. In his first three seasons in the league, Vasher secured an impressive 16 interceptions. Since then, Vasher has been hampered by injury and lost confidence with the Chicago Bears who released him this year.

As a Charger now, he'll join a secondary that is looking for a nickel cornerback to emerge now that Antoine Cason is being moved outside opposite Quentin Jammer. Jammer and Vasher are both former Texas Longhorns who were at one point teammates in college.

The signing of Vasher looks like a good move for the Chargers, as they have seemed to make it clear they do not want to rely on a rookie cornerback to start in nickel packages. With Vasher and Strickland now in the fold, the Chargers will likely scratch cornerback off of their draft day to-do list.


Was signing Nathan Vasher a good move for the Chargers? Does his injured past concern you? Between Strickland and Vasher, who do you think is the leading candidate to earn the third corner spot?

March 29, 2010

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Anonymous said... Mar 29, 2010, 3:27:00 PM

Good move A.J, with healty Strickland and Vasher, we definitly boost our secondary.

Anonymous said... Mar 29, 2010, 3:43:00 PM

Acee seems to think they will still look at CB at some point in the draft.

Anonymous said... Mar 29, 2010, 3:46:00 PM

There's no telling what A.J. will do in the draft. Too many surprises in recent past drafts. I just hope he doesn't pull a "Davis" with the top two picks (take your pick: Sammy or Buster!).

Jay said... Mar 29, 2010, 5:02:00 PM

I think it's a great move. the bolts can really focus on getting a NT and CB with the first two picks.

Jason said... Mar 29, 2010, 6:28:00 PM

I like it, why not? Vasher obviously has talent and needs a fresh start, plus the Rivera connection looks like a big plus. Is he healthy?

Anonymous said... Mar 29, 2010, 7:39:00 PM

Great signing. This means we can take a project CB with one of our 5ths rather than with one of our top 40's

Anonymous said... Mar 29, 2010, 7:52:00 PM its a good move, a 2 year contract, 4.5 million dollars. not bad for a 28 year old veteran who has been a pro bowler, when healthy and brings some physically our secondary was lacky. since vasher won't be starting he should be healthy all year and be the 3rd CB and/or play a significant role in a rotation if we use one. kevin acee from sd union tribune still thinks we will draft a CB, but know we can draft a CB in the later rounds and focus on getting a RB and DT and get a CB with lots of potential that we can groom for 2 to 3 years right around the time jammer's career ends

Anonymous said... Mar 30, 2010, 6:35:00 AM

Hmmm. This guy started only 11 games the last three seasons?!? So, out of 48 possible regular season games Vasher can only crack the Bears starting line-up in less than 25% of them..., AFTER having a "break-out" Pro-Bowl year and returning a missed field goal for a (then) NFL record touchdown of 108 yards; but now he's mysteriously "lost confidence" lately and doesn't play a "physical" style?!?!? Jeez, he sounds like Cromartie in a parallel universe!! The only real upside I see here is that Vasher has played well before under Rivera and Wilks (his former coaches in Chicago), but then this looks as much like a referendum on THEIR skills as much as Vasher's. Stay tuned, Bolt fans!
But with Strickland and Vasher signed and Cason yet to show any real brillance, it would now seem our Chargers will bring in another CB or Safety, but lower in the draft or another "project" free agent "bone" that AJ loves to bring to Spanos (who love them even more..., they're cheaper).
This year's Bolt draft should be the most interesting one in several years, and a LOT is riding on it.

Anonymous said... Mar 30, 2010, 9:52:00 AM

of course it looks like a downgrade from cro, but if the stuff cro said is true, they dont need to pay big money to a topflight mancoverage corner and a guy like vasher should be good enough. he showed pro-bowl skills earlier, so why shouldnt he be able to get back on track??

jammer is a proven veteran who can keep most no.1 receivers in cheque, while the best out of vasher, strickland, cason and hughes will play opposite him. nickel and dime spots shoudnt be a problem either now.

safety is more an issue imo than corner is. they are decent, good, but you just dont see the big play. how many ints have there been, or even forced fumbles by the secondary?? i understand that they play a very conservative style of defense, they try to make the offense go for 10+ play-drives every time, give them 5 yards, give them 10 or even 15. make the tackle rather than stripping the ball at the expense of a big play.

to me it is all about the pass rush. the secondary looks good enough, but the D-line needs to get pressure on the QBs, even when no LBs are blitzing


Anonymous said... Mar 30, 2010, 10:09:00 AM

Love the signing!

tastyneck said... Mar 30, 2010, 10:26:00 AM

I like the signing. Low risk (2 years, $4.5m; not a high draft pick so he's not counted on to help the franchise longterm) and high reward (Pro Bowl caliber talent when healthy; knows the defense). Yes, he's been hurt the last few years but put him in a nickel and dime rotation with Gregory and Strickland, and you'll probably get the best out of him while also limiting his exposure to injury. Plus, the Chargers can now draft a DB optionally, with training camp and roster cuts still to come. We still need a few more bodies but this move gives the Bolts more flexibility.

Anonymous said... Mar 30, 2010, 12:57:00 PM

I'm not even close to being as sold as "Tastyneck" is on our signing of ol' Nate at CB. Why:, $4.5 for two years is pretty close to *starting* CB money, and this guy hasn't been close to filling that role for the last several years. And I don't remotely understand signing a football player to your roster "while also limiting his exposure to injury". Hell, if you can't play 'em, why pay 'em?! And if he's around chiefly to "give the Bolts more flexibility" in training camp, I'd favor a younger, healthier, hungry "prospect" than an aging DB with a bad back, bad wrist, and mostly a persistent "lacking confidence" to show for his last several seasons. Oy, the Chargers are starting to look a little desperate nowadays, and if things start to go downhill too much (such as the Bolt not, at least, winning the pauper-poor AFC West) it will soon be the End of an Era around here.

Jason said... Mar 30, 2010, 2:11:00 PM

Just throwing this out there...
Before Cro flamed out, I was thinking we were grooming Cason to take Jammer's spot in order to move Jammer to safety. Would you be surprised if we went ahead and took a good DB in the first 2-3 rounds if someone drops?

Anonymous said... Mar 30, 2010, 2:24:00 PM

I'm shaking my head. Trading proven Cromarti for a pair of ??'s I hope it works out because Crow is young and talented. AJ needs to stop parting ways with young proven Charger players. Aj is running in circles on that move when he should be running full speed ahead. "If it ain't broken don't fix it!"

Lighgting 72

Best wishes Strickland and Vasher

Anonymous said... Mar 30, 2010, 6:09:00 PM

actually, I would consider Cromartie not tackling(broken)

Anonymous said... Mar 30, 2010, 6:33:00 PM

Vasher is just as good As Cro; Cro was picked on quite abit on 3rd downs. Cro was looking for a big payday next year. Personally i dont think Cro was worth Big Money.

Also AJ has picked up a 2nd/3rd round pick in the process.

Anonymous said... Mar 31, 2010, 6:35:00 AM

"Vasher is 'just as good' as Cro"!?!
No offense, but puhleeeeeze, can we finally and forever STOP lamenting Cromartie leaving here? As an all-around football player he was an embarrassment, and as a man he was even less. And if anyone can’t plainly see how he clearly “broke” his NFL opportunity here (actually, “shattered” would be more like it), they need to start looking at motion pictures instead of stills. Cro[magnon] was and is a narcissistic pretender that is far, far too stupid (dude got a 9 on his wonderlic test!) to ever manage two things right in a row.
Remember Coach Mike Singletary’s crystallizing rant a couple of years ago about how some players see themselves as separate and “above” the actual game and, “you can’t coach ‘em, can’t win with ‘em, can’t do nothin' with ‘em”? That description fits Cromartie like a tailored glove. Cro deserved to be cut just from his pathetic performance in the last game versus the Jets. If I was Head Coach or GM and it had been an away game, I’d have thrown his street clothes in the dumpster and made the chump walk his *ss home; he’d never get to set foot on a Charger field or company vehicle again. Call it extreme prejudice or call it extreme justice, either way both opinions were earned the old-fashioned way.

Anonymous said... Mar 31, 2010, 10:11:00 AM

Isn't it part of the coach's job to get troubled players out of their funk and chisel them to reach their full potential? “It’s called inspiration and development.” Coach Norv should have made Crow work on his tackling during this off season or move him to safety position and force his him to tackle. If #31 did not develop into a better tackler than you cut his ass. You just don’t give up on your players because AJ says so. Crow had a good season despite his short fall. Let face it, it is unrealistic to think that you aren’t going to deal with personalities on any given NFL teams. You need to have a plan already in place for that. Locker room influence does wonders for that. For 2010 season I hope the Charger locker room keeps that focus, drive and camaraderieship it had during the 13 win streak. Honestly they blew it, because they thought they were going to beat Jets and let their immaturity and negative influences hamper their chances of being SB champions. This was the true enemy. Fans fail to note these guys are young and immature. Just remember the dum things you did in your twenties. I was dumfounded and upset to see Cromartie miss that tackle but Nate the so called great wasn’t fired either. Now you see them scrambling to replace him.

In foot ball you must be a little insane to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. I thought money was the issue here not talant.

Lighting 72,

tomd said... Apr 5, 2010, 11:22:00 AM

I have read all the comments on Cromartie, but no one has mentioned
that Deon Sanders mentored him and advised him to avoid tackling.

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