Sound Off: Should The Chargers Draft A Running Back In The 1st Round?

As we've pointed out since last November, running back is the Chargers' biggest offseason need and a position they will likely address in the draft. With Tomlinson no longer wearing Bolts and a similar fate awaiting Darren Sproles, the San Diego's backfield is looking bare. With the 2010 NFL Draft just a handful a weeks away, the Chargers are going to be faced with a big decision: should the team draft a running back in the first round, or can they afford to wait until the second, third, or fourth round to draft a good ball carrier?



Sound off in the comments section below with what your blueprint would be if you were the general manager of the San Diego Chargers.

March 3, 2010

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Paulos said... Mar 3, 2010, 1:48:00 PM

No, the chargers shouldn't draft a RB in the first. Jonathan Dwyer, Toby gerhart, hardesty, Anthony Dixon, Ben Tate, Legarret Blount and Joique Bell should all be available after the 1st round. RBs are easy to find and even easier to use up, 5-Technique DEs, Nose Tackles and quality corners are not so easy to find. Plus, we'll most likely look to free agrency to help at RB so it's not like we're drafting a starting workhorse running back, we're drafting a guy to share carries. Jared odrick, Dan Williams, Brandon Graham and Kyle Wilson(if we traded down) are all much better picks than any of those running backs.

Ben Tate or Hardesty in the 3rd! They had monster combines, they're the size of RB we need and they can both catch and block pretty well. A lot better than a Dwyer, Mathews or Best in the 1st.

Anonymous said... Mar 3, 2010, 1:49:00 PM

RB or not and RB...That is the question?! Just today more talented young RB's were released as this could be a great year for trades (can you say Cro-mart)but no matter we will need a future RB to fill the gap now left by the great LT. There are some potentials in this draft so yes I say if you can snag one early, get him! I still say we have needs on the line and in the "D" next and foremost, but with Sproles as a 50/50 change of being here next season...ya gotta get while the getting is good. We have had great luck in the lower rounds finding talent, but this year has some solid long term potential RB in the draft so I would make a play...but I would not trade away something (unless it is say Crom-mart) to get a position, even then I may take a high rated "O" lineman or a LB first.

Anonymous said... Mar 3, 2010, 2:00:00 PM

Paulos and Jim-Bolt seem to share the same idea? RB will be plentiful given all the releases thus far and the solid draft choices. I agree, if you have a chance to get a solid RB pick in the first OVER anyone solid for the defense, take him...I also agree with Jim-Bolt don't trade up just for an RB, but if you trade off someone like Cromarte and earn a spot then take the best player no matter the position. March 5th the season begins on trades, this will be very interesting given the uncap situation and the likelihood of a 2011 scrub ball or no ball season. Given Cromarte's latest remarks, he is becoming a "cancer" in the lineup and we need to get him down the road for any reasonable comp package. We also need to consider trades for a CB to replace Cromarte who can cover oh and maybe even tackle? This has not been discussed but to me would be one I would be looking for on the open market. You aren't going to draft anyone for that spot to be a starter in today's NFL packages, right out of college. Any thoughts????

craig c. said... Mar 3, 2010, 2:04:00 PM

I think Anon above has the right idea in that the Chargers will need to get a cornerback who has the ability to come in and be the nickel back right away. No the team shouldnt take a RB in the first simply based on need because we see every year a guy taken in the second or third or even fourth round come in and be a solid contributor to his new team.

Anonymous said... Mar 3, 2010, 4:17:00 PM

Quick question.. Why is there all this talk about unofficial 40 times at the combine. The official times are more exact and electronically time from the first movement off the line to the exact moment they cross the 40. Does anyone know?

Rob Zepeda said... Mar 3, 2010, 4:20:00 PM

@ Anonymous - the electronic 'official' 40 times are inconsistent. For example, NFL network showed two guys running virtually identical times on camera but the electronic timer had them at different times. Seems like the players and their coaches are used to hand-timers and are upset that the electronic timer is giving them slower times.

Shane said... Mar 3, 2010, 5:33:00 PM

Tate or Hardesty in the 2nd or 3rd! Use the first rounder on the best available player that would help out our defense!

Just a thought, I wonder if the Chargers will use Micheal Bennett this year since he doesnt have the wear n tear a normal 30+ year old back does. He still looks like he has his break away speed and can catch the ball out of the backfield (09 preseason). I think we will use him on third downs and in a rotation with the rookie we draft. And then throw in some Tolbert!

Jeff Apostol said... Mar 3, 2010, 6:37:00 PM

Focus on the d-line first, then o-line to make it possible for any rb to plug in, and then a rb, then db, then backup d-line, then rb, then o-line.

Anonymous said... Mar 3, 2010, 7:02:00 PM

yes if we cant get thomas jones if we do then a back in the 3rd round

Anonymous said... Mar 3, 2010, 9:16:00 PM

This a tough one to answer. For the Chargers to let both starting RBs go. they must have something up their sleeve. No way A.J. Smith will leave himself so wide out to end up with nothing. He is to sharp for that. All depends on the flow of the draft. If Spiller or Best are still available when the Chargers turn comes up, how can you say no. For that to happen All DT's & OT's, QBs,CB that are considered impact players have to be all gone.I perfer to draft Terrance Cody for NT. Why? He is huge, so quick,explosive for a big man. Lets see 1st we get the RB that we need Mathews,or Dwyer. They should be both availiable. Then trade up for a high pick in Rnd 2,that will be for Cody. Third round if Gerhart is still avaliable snatch him too.Than find a huge OT that they can develope to become a starter.

Anonymous said... Mar 4, 2010, 9:55:00 AM

The Chargers' needs at nose tackle, defensive end, right tackle, or cornerback should be addressed in the first round, with the best player available among those four positions. I'm hoping they can get help on the D-line. Dan Williams would be ideal; Odrick wouldn't be bad either.

The second round seems like the prime spot to draft an impact RB. If Best, Dwyer or Matthews falls to the top of the 2nd round, they may trade up--maybe they could package their own 2nd round pick with Cromartie to get another team's high 2nd rounder?

Anonymous said... Mar 4, 2010, 12:38:00 PM

#1 pick: Williams or Cody #2 pick: Dwyer or Tate, or Gerhart #3: CB Rolle #4 Mc Cluster, or Blount #6 OT

Mark said... Mar 4, 2010, 12:55:00 PM

Only if wen get CJ Spiller- who is more than likely to be gone when we pick unless if AJ trades-up. We need to use our early picks on some O-lineman and a NT.

Anonymous said... Mar 4, 2010, 6:08:00 PM

Sproles was taken back by the Chargers. J.Williams was released today. Now RB position isn't that bad now. Still need a RB, 2nd or 3rd pick. With J. Williams released who knows if the Chargers will sign him back for a lower amount of money or less years? Let say he doesn't comeback, more than ever we will need Williams or Cody at DT. The Chargers' draft choices priorities aren't going to be known until all this free agent smoke settles. It looks like A.J. Smith is trying to get some draft pickz for the players he put a 1st & 3rd draft picks for their contracts. Or he is just trying to have some players sign for lesser money or adjust their contract. I'll just wait to see the results of the free agency hype to see if it leads to signing or trading of Chargers players. We know what we need, but we need to know what position is priority. With Sprioles back, now RB position is not now more important than DT. Now DT is important without J. Williams, now the DT position is in bad need. Will see what will happen in the next days.

Whiskeypete said... Mar 5, 2010, 10:13:00 PM

NT and CB are the highest priority with what happened today. My guess is they will try resign Jamal for a lesser amount, but this is short-term (if even that, not knowing how effective he will be). NT moves to the #1 need now that Jamal was released and Sproles tendered. If lucky D Williams slides, otherwise my guess is Cody, C Thomas or Odrick. Pick 2 I think will come down to who is on SD's draft board for CB and RB. At the same time AJ may do some jockeying of picks to fill both spots with quality. Both positions are equally in need of new blood that can contribute from day 1. I still expect AJ to pull some strings for a vet RB. Sproles is good, even great....but in doses.

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