Three And Out: May 12, 2010

Shawne Merriman makes a bold move as he fires his super agent Tom Condon, NFL preseason power rankings begin to trickle out, and a video report from rookie orientation.


The San Diego Union-Tribune's Kevin Acee reports that Shawne Merriman has parted ways with agent Tom Condon and CAA after apparently being unhappy with Condon making virtually no progress towards getting Merriman a long-term deal with an NFL team, including the San Diego Chargers. Acee speculates that the friction between Condon and Chargers GM AJ Smith did not help matters, but he also says the Chargers were set to trade Merriman to one of at least two teams but the deal feel through as a long-term contract was never finalized.

Two things strike me as a bit odd; Chiefly, Kevin Acee has long contended that the Chargers do not have interest in locking up Shawne Merriman with a contract extension, but as this continues to drag on it is somewhat surprising that the Chargers have not made any attempt to quell this notion. In fact, they are all but admitting that Merriman is not part of their future. I'm not sure that's an appropriate way to handle one of your better young players, especially when the guy hasn't done anything unforgivable or egregiously wrong. I would have hoped the organization would have had a little more tact when the subject of Shawne Merriman arises.

Secondly, if the Chargers are actively trying to trade Merriman and a new agent may allow this process to happen more smoothly, what do the Chargers expect to receive in return? What is Merriman's perceived value among NFL teams? Is he a known commodity who has had some unfortunate set-backs in the form of injury, or will he ever return to his once dominant form?

SOURCE: San Diego Union-Tribune


9th - USA Today:

"Ryan Mathews must step in and fill the Tomlinson shoes very quickly."


"Well, A.J. Smith is the man under the microscope in S.D. thanks to the uncertain futures of L.T. and L.O. ("Lights Out" Shawne Merriman). Already the team has been quietly bickering and tweeting for a month after their shocking home playoff loss to the Jets, with claims of selfishness made public. So much for that 11-game winning streak entering the playoffs. Chances are that Tomlinson and Merriman will be shown the door, ending a wildly successful, yet bittersweet era for the franchise."

4th - ESPN:

"Rookie RB Ryan Mathews will have to produce immediately. (Kuharsky)"

3rd - CBSSports:

"It's time they get past just being a really good regular-season team. It's time this talented team gets to a Super Bowl."


May 11, 2010

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Anonymous said... May 12, 2010, 12:22:00 AM

One of the better young players? Who? I am sorry, when Boone has almost as many sacks as you do, you do not count as one of the Chargers better young players. Merriman hasnt done anything in two years except tweet about how cool he is. In case you havent noticed the Chargers have people who actually dress on Sundays to pay soon, dudes like VJack, M80, Gates, and Big Mac.

Anonymous said... May 12, 2010, 5:25:00 AM

right^^, 83 is an absolute priority, same with gates. and if possible, M80 is also a good guy. a franchise LT as mcneill needs to be locked up. he is not the best LT in the league, but in combination with youth and potential among the top 5. these are very important players. and when you see that the chargers were among the teams which paid the least over the past few years, i think some 5-10m going towards these players shouldnt bankrupt them.

and merriman needs to show this year what he can do. i think its very easy. although he will cost a lot if he produces 10+ sacks, they will try to get it done. if he again only manages ~4 sacks, then you just show him the door. i didnt say its a good situation, but an easy one to solve (if he plays here in 2010).


Anonymous said... May 12, 2010, 5:27:00 AM

*i meant ADDITIONAL 5-10m $ per year going to them. of course, a franchise LT will get something in the area of 6-8m per year, and with tightends and WRs on this level, it should also be around 5-7m per year.

they will find a way.

Anonymous said... May 12, 2010, 8:38:00 AM

we need to keep Merriman, he still a force to be dealt with, if anything i would let go of S. Phillips and replace Jyles Tucker

Anonymous said... May 12, 2010, 9:09:00 PM

F No!! I can't figure out why the F we would want to trade our best defensive player. Makes zero sense.

arnie said... May 12, 2010, 9:42:00 PM

our best defensive player is jammer. he is the only guy that has consistently played at a pro bowl level. there is a reason they don't throw to his side of the field, it's a wasted pass attempt.

the chargers problem isn't Merriman's lack of performance, it's a consistent drafting 4, 5, 6 ,7th round and UDFA players. signing big money contracts to FA scrubs. including FA that can't stay healthy. and insisting the 4-3 DC can run a 3-4 defense.

Keep Merriman. Trade Merriman. it doesn't matter. he's only as good as the players around him and the defensive plays that are called and/or designed. why do you think offenses routinely double team him? because nobody else can beat their man.

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