Three And Out: May 20, 2010

The San Diego Chargers unveil perhaps their last proposal for a new stadium in San Diego, Offseason coaching session got underway this week, and the Chargers earn high praise from the national media>...


The San Diego Chargers have announced their latest proposal for a new, state-of-the-art stadium which they've dubbed their "last, best plan." The proposal for a 62,000 seat stadium located just blocks away from Petco Park is said to carry a price tag of $800 million but would be privately owned. The Chargers are prepared to foot $200 million of that bill, with the NFL assisting by raising an additional $100 million themselves. The remaining $500 million would be raised via tax increment bonds, however with the property being privately owned, the city and it's taxpayers would be protected from lease agreements.

When taking into account the tremendous boon Petco Park has been to the downtown region as well as the potential expansion of the San Diego Convention Center, the new Chargers stadium could really help put San Diego over the top and back on the list of the United States' world-class destinations. The Chargers would almost certainly be back on the NFL's Super Bowl site rotation, providing the city with a tremendous boost to the economy. Additionally, the city would stop losing money on the current Qualcomm site and could be on it's way to financial robustness and stability.


Respected NFL pundit Peter King has a number of kind words for the Chargers. In his rankings of all 32 NFL teams, King places the Chargers as the top team in the AFC, number two overall. Additionally, he thinks rookie running back Ryan Mathews will win Offensive Rookie of the Year, and that Philip Rivers will garner strong consideration for league MVP honors:

2. San Diego. I didn't like how much the Chargers traded to get Ryan Mathews (the 28th and 40th picks in a strong draft) when they probably could have gotten him for less, but that doesn't mean I don't like what Mathews is going to do. I think he'll be the offensive rookie of the year. He has everything a good back needs -- opportunity (he should get 320 carries if healthy), playing from ahead a lot, and a good offensive line. And did I mention Philip Rivers will throw for 4,500 yards and contend strongly for MVP?



Kevin Acee reports from Chargers Park as the Bolts get their OCS' underway:

May 20, 2010

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Mark said... May 20, 2010, 10:26:00 AM

Wow- what a beautiful stadium proposal. As a San Diego Chargers fan who resides in the L.A. area, I would rather have the Chargers stay in San Diego. All of the talk of them moving to L.A. is nonsense. The San Diego community will get a stadium deal done.

As for the Peter King analysis- we know that we (and the players) have heard all the hype from the media a litle too clearly over the years, and it hasn't taken us far in the playoffs. We need to ignore that talk and just perform on the field. The team can't let these comments get to their heads.

Anonymous said... May 21, 2010, 8:54:00 AM

Half the fun of a charger game is the tailgate party. How's that going to happen downtown.

JEFF said... May 21, 2010, 11:43:00 AM

I agree, the best part about going to each and every game is the tailgate party before hand. I love coming down (from LA) to watch the CHARGERS but I come down just as much to tailgate as I do for the game. Don't get me wrong I love the BOLTS but tailgating, the game, it's the whole pacage!!! It will be tough to come each week, park in some parking structure, walk in to the stadium watch the game, then pack up and go home. That would SUCK, because I have been to the mountian top of tailgating, its at Jack Murphy stadium every week during the season!!!!!! Come out and check it out for yourself at D4, 30 season ticket holders getting the Pre-game on!!! I hope we don't lose that great tradition of CHARGER football, the TAILGATING!!!!!

arnie said... May 28, 2010, 11:49:00 AM

i would suggest they lease the LA coliseum for a couple of seasons. and build this stadium at the qualcom site.

Anonymous said... May 28, 2010, 12:24:00 PM

I'm still hopeful that Chargers will come to LA. I have a strong funny feeling they will finally win the big one down here. Don’t forget the Chargers won AFL championship title in LA. The market is huge down here!! Let’s also not ignore the fact that there thousands of Charger fans located in near bye Orange County. The LA developer knows this all to well. The only thing Edward P Roski failed to do was to omit was his intentions of gaining ownership of team. Despite Spanos family being close friends with Ed Roski they don’t want to loose even partial ownership of the Charger team. My guess is this why the LA stadium project has come to a sudden stand still. I believe both sides will benefit from this merger, come out winners and will ensure the success of the Chargers franchise for years to come.

The Chargers are an exciting/electrifying team to watch. In recent years I've witnessed how many die hard Californians Rams, Raider, and 49er fans now watch and pay compliments to this organization. The LA site seems more naturally suitable to Charger team’s lifestyle / image. Like Qualcomm new stadium will be constructed in a canyon setting. Another plus is the nice open field that surrounds the stadium with near by access to 60, 57 and 5 freeways. The sunset down here is absolutely beautiful and the team will still be in close range to San Diego. I drive out to charger games for tailgate experience, having them here will surpass that experience.

Lighting 72

Ed Rodriguez said... May 29, 2010, 10:58:00 PM

Are these people for real? I understand that they are Charger Fans, but do they really believe the Spanos Family would move the team to L.A? Have they forgot that the Rams,and the Raiders both moved out of L.A. Why did they move out? L.A. is such a large & complicated city they have no time to support a football team. There is no large loyal football fan base there, considering the size of it's population. It will be self destrutive move by the Chargers. The stadium will be built here at the end. This a football city, with a medium size fan base, but very loyal one. Plus tailgating isn't everything. Do fans want a winning football team here in San Diego without large tailgate parties. Or drive outside of San Diego County so they can have their tailgate party, plus a Charger game at the same time. To me if they are no longer called the San Diego Chargers, they are no longer my team. Because I am from San Diego,and if the Chargers move it will be like a nasty divorce. I will wait for the NFL to bring in a franchise to replace the Chargers. Plus there will be a lawsuit so they can not use the name of the Chargers.Hey if they want support from the bussiness in Downtown, people will have to forget the tailgates. And party in these bars & restaurants by the new Stadium site. Downtown to expensive for you go a couple of blocks to Barrio Logan or Sherman Heights for real Mexican Food, and cheap. Take over Chicano Park to party at before the game. It is not has bad as the police would like you think. Think positive San Diego, we can convert these neighborhoods for all people in a positive way. And supporting these business is the key to get a staduim built.

Anonymous said... May 31, 2010, 8:30:00 PM

I still say Chargers should come to LA. I'll be attending no matter where they play. Go Bolts! ! ! Question, Why would they get sued if they used Charger name only?

Lighting 72

Mark said... Jun 3, 2010, 10:12:00 AM

Well, after all, the Chargers are originally from L.A. albeit one season, and owned by the Hilton family back in the day.

BUT and this is a big but, there was no legacy that was built in L.A. The legacy was begun and should continue in San Diego. From the genius Sid Gilman to the electrifying Air Coryell offense with Dan Fouts and company, to the present with upcoming NFL MVP Phillip Rivers and future all-pro, Ryan Mathews. The Chargers are the brand of San Diego.

L.A. football fans are weird. There still is a strong Raider following despite what that crook Al Davis did to the city. Al pocketed untold millions from cities like Irwin dale for promises to relocate and then left them in the lurch, and then flat-out left L.A. for Oakland. It is strange that fans would be loyal to that. And ditto to Georgia Frontiere, who alienated me and a lot of other fans after she proclaimed during her Super Bowl speech, "this proves we did the right thing in moving to St. Louis."

I became a fan of the Chargers in 1995 after the Rams and Raiders bailed because naturally, the Chargers are geographically the closest football team L.A. has and that they were "born" in L.A. And of course, they had an exciting team with some interesting players and characters.

In regards to football, L.A. has had the worst owners in the history of sports. But, in my opinion, we have also had some of the best in other sports. Jerry Buss- Lakers, The O'Malley family when they owned the Dodgers, and Philip Anschultz and Ed Roski (L.A. Kings) who now wants to bring the NFL back to L.A. As a football fan, there is nothing more I would love to see a team back in L.A. But I have five words for Mr. Roski, "Good Luck and Fat Chance!!"

Go San Diego Chargers!

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