Three And Out: May 04, 2010

The Chargers sign a veteran kicker in preparation for the offseason training program, rookies arrive in San Diego this week, and an interesting look at the Bolts' top draft pick Ryan Mathews...


In a move that should please the anti-Nate Kaeding contingent, the San Diego Chargers have signed veteran NFL placekicker Mike Novak to a one-year deal. While some may look at this move as a signal that Nate Kaeding is in danger of losing his job, the signing of Novak is likely serves simply to ease the pressure off of Kaeding during training camp, as he is still recovering from a groin injury. Nevertheless, it will still be interesting to see if Novak sticks, as AJ Smith has tried in the past to experiment with carrying two placekickers on the roster in addition to a punter.


The Chargers are bringing in their rookies this week to get them up to speed on how camp will work as they progress through the summer. The trainers and coaches will get them acclimated to the facility and structure of the offseason program, and will also spend a considerable amount of time in the classroom going over the scheme and positional responsibilities.

This time will be critical for the mid to late round draft picks as they are not guaranteed roster spots and will face fierce competition from the veterans already on the team. This will be especially true for guys like Cam Thomas and Darrell Stuckey who are coming to a team where they will not be automatically inserted into the lineup, unlike Ryan Matthews and perhaps Donald Butler (special teams). Even Dedrick Epps is more or less safe as the Chargers only have 2 tight ends and need a third. Thomas in particular will need to work on his consistency, a knock on him coming out in the draft.


In what is becoming an increasingly high-quality production, the San Diego Union-Tribune has debuted another Chargers video, this time profiling Ryan Mathews' path toward the pro level:

May 4, 2010

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Anonymous said... May 4, 2010, 9:19:00 AM

they should really look into these rookies, especially stuckey and thomas. maybe also some of the UDFAs. there are some positions that werent bad (imo the team was overall one of the best in the league) but could be better (=probowl level).

WR-corps really bothers me when you think about the contract situations. OL (RG,RT) is also something to think of. rivers is an awesome player, but he needs to have a consistent line (no problem though without injuries like last year) and good WRs. i might be the only one to see that, but a lot of his deep bombs should be credited to floyd and jackson. they made great adjustments to throws that werent 100% on target. with that being said, get some young WRs. OR split out sproles. idk why they arent using this, but imagine sproles and mathews in the backfield, and sproles goes in motion and into the slot. he cant be covered by a LB or most safeties, so opposing Ds have to go out of their standard package more often than they want to.

bottom line: get sproles the ball in the open field, nothing more and nothing less.

just thinking ;)

Anonymous said... May 4, 2010, 9:24:00 AM

Great Video! This kid has the right mind set to be great. Now we'll see if he has what it takes. I realy hope the best for him, and that he maintains that 150 YPG average :) I'm looking forward to this season. It will be awsome to see one of our RB's to finally break a long one or even get 5-10yd carrys. Unlike the past two seasons LT would get touched and fall down or someone would look at him and he would fall down. I love the man but his experation date has been up. I'm waiting to see what number Mathews get so I can get his jersey...


Anonymous said... May 4, 2010, 9:45:00 PM

Ryan mathews is gonna be #33.. he said it in a recent interview... it was his number in little league I believe... he is gonna be beast.. its already an upgrade from tomlinson... jets will be dissappointed with there acquisition of antonio "sperm"artie and tomlinson.. we should trade sproles and a next year pick for osi umenyiora

Anonymous said... May 5, 2010, 1:40:00 AM

33 was my M Turners get a plse choose different #

lighting 72

Anonymous said... May 5, 2010, 12:47:00 PM

More important it was also Ronnie Harmon's. The addition of Mathews, Thomas, Butler, and Stuckey in the rotation will be the key to getting the CHARGERS over that "hump"!!!Can't wait to see them in uniform. GO CHARGERS, it's OURS for the taking!!!

Anonymous said... May 5, 2010, 5:17:00 PM

Breaking News! CNN Reports: Mathews to wear 21 after the late great

Anonymous said... May 6, 2010, 10:56:00 AM

Ryan Mathews is gonna be 33.. Do some research lol

Anonymous said... May 8, 2010, 11:15:00 AM


Jay said... May 8, 2010, 11:34:00 AM

yep he ended up with 24, and Cam Thomas is #76

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