5 Reasons The 2010 San Diego Chargers Will Be Different

A quick look at the roster reveals this San Diego Chargers team isn't the same team you're probably used to seeing. Gone are a number of big-time players, and those who would replace them are trying to carve names for themselves. But emerging from the turnover of talent could be a team more balanced and with more to prove than the Chargers of the past. BOLTHYPE's Blake Hill explains...

For each of the past three seasons, Chargers fans have known what they’ve had going into the season.

They knew they had a star running back.

They knew they had a rising star at quarterback.

They knew they had pro bowlers at tight end, left tackle, wide receiver and linebacker.

They knew they had a 360-pound bull at nose tackle.

They knew they had a spider-like cover corner and one of the wiliest special teamers of the past decade.

It was boring, the same old song and dance.

Each of the past three seasons, the fans had the same expectations, the same hopes, the same angst; because everything felt the same. They wondered, “Will this be the year the Chargers live up to their billing? Will this be the year the Chargers turn all this talent into postseason success? Will this year be different?”

And each of the last three seasons it’s been the same. But this year, it’s different. It’s interesting.

Here are the top 5 things that make this season different:


Of all the things Chargers fans knew they had going into seasons past, one thing they still do have is the quarterback. Except he’s no longer a rising star, he is a star and the unequivocal leader of the team – the last one out of the tunnel. P-Riv is THE guy. No leadership tug of war with LaDainian. No “I think the best play here is a quick out, but Tomlinson wants the ball, so I guess I’ll give it to him.” No more settling.


Speaking of LT. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but he no longer plays for the Chargers. While he’s one of the best ever and will always be a Charger, the Chargers were 31st (Read THIRTY FIRST! That’s out of 32 teams!) in rushing yards last season. You think Ryan Mathews (with one t) might have an effect on that number?


The improved rushing attack combined with the stability at quarterback creates the most balanced offense the Chargers have had in the past three seasons. No one remembers what it’s like to cheer for a Chargers team with a balanced offensive identity. A balanced offense is perhaps the best way to improve your defense.


Jamal Williams, Antonio Cromartie, and Clinton Hart are gone. Shawne Merriman, post knee surgery, hasn’t been the same player. The secondary is unproven. Oh, and so is the defensive line.


Questions abound. Questions are unusual. Is Mathews the real deal? Can the O-line protect P-Riv? Can they run block? Is Malcom Floyd ready to be a #1 receiver? Can they get pressure on the quarterback? Can the corners tackle anybody? On and on and on. This many unknowns is unusual for the Chargers this time of year.

Clearly, this season is different, very different. That doesn’t necessarily equal success, but it does equal interesting.

What was once known is now unknown. What was once boring is now interesting. The familiar is now unfamiliar. The same is now different.

September 4, 2010

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Jason said... Sep 4, 2010, 4:03:00 PM

I agree. This is the most uncertain year in the last 5...yet I'm downright convinced that the Bolts will be better. It's the Ewing Theory (google it).

Anonymous said... Sep 4, 2010, 4:33:00 PM

No Mcneil, No Jamal, No LT, No VJ, No Cromartie and we're gonna be better? You have to be a complete homer to believe that. I will bet anyone the Jets get farther then the Bolts...it hurts me to say that! NOW...bring back Mcneil...and we have a shot! We NEED MCNEIL!

Anonymous said... Sep 4, 2010, 5:25:00 PM

Jamal williams LT cromartie? That is the reason why this team will be better all three of them suck legedu can replace vj no problem. The main problem the chargers will have is getting to the quaterback it's definately not the lose of one of those three guys

Jason said... Sep 4, 2010, 6:54:00 PM

No McNeil: I agree...we need to sign him, but Dombrowski has looked OK. Downgrade.

No Jamal: We didn't have him all of last season, and a lot of dudes stepped up, Garay is looking good, and Cam is getting his reps, too. Improvement.

No LT: Have you seen Mathews in the preseason? Plus, the Ewing Theory. BIG Improvement.

No VJ: The idiot got caught for a DUI twice (!!!!) then gets suspended for 4 games....then demands 30 mil guaranteed! WTF? No doubt, he's a top-10 receiver, but come on...nobody wants to pay him 30 mil, plus his character issues.
The bad part is that it shortens the field for Rivers. Possible downgrade, but I'm thinking Rivers can make Naanee and Floyd look as good, maybe better. Plus Crayton now has something to prove. I'm calling this a push.

No Cromartie: Do we have a corner who can actually tackle someone? Oh, we do? Good. Improvement.

3 improvements, 1 downgrade, and a push. I say the Chargers are better.

Anonymous said... Sep 4, 2010, 10:46:00 PM

Ryan Mathews improvement in the running game along will help Malcom be a deep threat. VJ was a deep threat with no running game to keep the safeties honest, with RM running the ball that's an extra step MF will get on the play action before the safety commits to cover... With PR throwing... it's going to be sweet.

Pass rush, and pass protection are the key. This team is starting to look like the Coryell teams of old. I think whoever has the ball last is going to win.

Carson said... Sep 5, 2010, 3:30:00 PM

There is such a thing as addition by subtraction. Assuming V-Jax won't step on the field as a Charger again, it's one less immature guy screwing stuff up. We saw the impact of this immaturity in the playoffs last year, and it affected the game. Perhaps no V-Jax and no Cromartie will equate to a team more serious about winning

Anonymous said... Sep 7, 2010, 5:25:00 AM

jwilliams absence doesnt hurt anybody. when that D-line rotation got into a rhythm, they shut down most opponents. also the powerrun-jets (if cro made ONE easy tackle) and the titans didnt have to much answers.

LT is gone, yes, but he wasnt that good to be honest. he surely is a better receiver and blocker as 24, but mathews has fresh legs and looks a little more powerful imo.

cro? his "missed" tackle against the jets was a scandal. i cant imagine how his teammates felt after that in the locker room. there was no way to keep him on that team. cason looks equally fast and is a better tackler.

mcneil? ok, that is a problem. but i would say that AJ and norv came to the conclusion that dombrowski will step it up. he already did as much as he possibly could have during the preseason, handling ware, peppers, etc.. i also think hes a better runblocker, an important part of our gameplan this year.

VJ? i truly think that our passing game will suffer from his absence. floyd is better as most think and even buster and legedu would be #2s on most teams. with crayton now in (not to mention our TEs and RBs), there should be enough firepower left. an additional WR wouldnt hurt for spelling starters (3 WRs set are pretty common in SD), but whatever. with the additional focus on running the ball, VJs absence might be not that bad. still bad though.

but if philips, merriman, english, lang or applewhite (along with Agaps blitzes by dobbins/cooper) can bring a little heat (i think this group is better as last year), we are improved. secondary is also better now, strickland and stuckey, along with the depth will definitely help.

special teams might suffer a little from osgoods absence. i also dont like how we couldnt get another quality returnman on the field. i dont wanna see sproles handling every kick, he might go down sooner or faster.

BOTTOM LINE: most stuff is different, but i wouldnt say worse. most parts actually will be as good or will turn out way better. every team has holes to fill, but with our weak schedule, we are playoff bound and then we see what happens.


Anonymous said... Sep 7, 2010, 11:22:00 AM

The 31st place on rushhing yards means very little when you win 13 games.

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