How Would You Grade The 2-5 San Diego Chargers?

The San Diego Chargers have found themselves in an almost insurmountable hole; were the Chargers a good team with a nasty case of bad luck, they'd still be considered a potentially dangerous playoff contender. But the fact is, the Chargers are simply not very good right now.

They are not deep enough, not mature enough, not coached well enough, and don't seem to have strong leadership. The Chargers, as whole team and organization, are responsible for this embarrassing 2-5 record. They made this bed, and now it's time for them to sleep in it.

During the preseason, if you followed read this blog and followed our twitter feed, you'd probably ascertain that in our view, the Chargers looked like a shell of it's former dominant self. Problems areas showed up in training camp and manifested themselves on the field during preseason; special teams looked suspect. The depth was lacking. The past few draft class did not bear the expected fruit. Who knows how Donald Butler and Darrell Stuckey will develop, but no one from this draft class is making any significant contributions to the team aside from Ryan Mathews (who the Chargers traded up to get). And with Larry English out from the season, Louis Vasquez is the only guy representing the Chargers 2009 draft class right now.

It's not just one thing that we can point to and say, "that's the Chargers problem!"

It goes much deeper than that. It's a combination of things. Many of those things have been talked about ad-nauseam and yet those problems remain.

The front office seemed to have already conceded the season back in July. They did not have a good offseason, and that includes the draft.

During the preseason I predicted the Chargers would 10-6 and would at least win the AFC West. A conservative prediction, sure, but I just didn't feel that strongly about the 2010 Bolts. But now, at this point a 10-6 season would mean the Chargers would go 8-1 for remainder of the regular season. A lofty goal, indeed.


At practically the half-way mark of the 2010 NFL regular season, we've gotten a clear picture of what the Chargers are. They may in fact turn things around (we certainly hope they do), but from what you've seen how would you grade this team, including the head coach and management? Submit your grade below, and leave a comment with your take (new commenting system, you guys like it?)

October 25, 2010

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