Chargers Release Shawne Merriman, Place Buster Davis On Injured Reserve

The San Diego Chargers this week released their former first-round draft pick, Pro Bowl Outside Linebacker Shawne Merriman. Additionally, the team placed Wide Receiver Craig "Buster" Davis on Injured Reserve. Already fans have begun to question the logic behind the Bolts' recent maneuvers; why release a proven Shawne Merriman and keep an unproven and otherwise disappointing Buster Davis?

Both Merriman and Davis represent a significant invested by the San Diego Chargers, and yet neither of them will contribute to the team this season. For a team that proclaims to build through the draft, their recent track record in the first round has been less than stellar. Whether those former high draft picks are playing for other teams, or are on the sidelines and not playing, the Chargers do not have much to show for in the college recruitment department.

As true fans of the team, our support is undying. However, we maintain a high bar and refuse to concede our Super Bowl expectations.

What's your take on the Chargers roster moves this week, their roster moves this past offseason, and their outlook on the 2010 regular season? Are the Bolts experiencing just a bump in the road, or are we seeing a perennial championship contender unravel before our eyes?

November 3, 2010

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nateaintgreat said... Nov 3, 2010, 10:10:00 PM

couldn't agree w/ you more,(well that and the roids). you d is rocking the "other guy" has been great without shawne taking double teams. what upsets my most (sorry to say even though with out him we'd be 0-7) is rivers some of those looses could have been saved by our 'comeback' kid'. i'm sure i just got spoiled watching him direct all those comebacks

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