How Do The Chargers Get Better This Offseason?

Finishing the 2010 with only 9 wins and 7 losses, the Chargers appear to have lost their firm command of the division as their rivals have improved and the Bolts have regressed. Now with new some new coaches on the staff, and a number of question marks on the roster, it appears this 2011 offseason is setting up to be one of the most critical in the AJ Smith - Norv Turner era.

Uncertainty about an NFL lockout aside, the Chargers have a number of players approaching free agency which makes the composition of the 2011 roster a very incomplete picture.

The Chargers are no longer the "most talented team in the NFL" as they've been touted over the past few years. So with something like two dozen free agents on the roster going into the 2011 NFL season, it may seem like the Chargers are approaching a mini-rebuilding year. If not rebuilding, certainly retooling. They will need to re-evaluate their current players and decide whether they want to bring back these free agents in a starting role or as backups.

Additionally, the Chargers have something like 5 draft picks within the top 100 in the 2011 NFL draft. So assuming they keep at least those 5 picks, the could be in position to add a number of rookies who could come in and start immediately, similar to the 2004 draft.

However, AJ Smith and Dean Spanos have publicly admitted that the Chargers have not performed well on the personnel front. So the front office has their work cut out for them if they hope to field a playoff-caliber, and potentially Championship worthy San Diego Chargers in 2011.


What are the important stemps the Chargers need to take this offseason in order to get back to their dominance of the division. Are you preparing yourself to witness a slight rebuilding year, or are your expectations just as high? Sound off in the comments section below and let the team and the fans know how you feel!

January 18, 2011

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