Chargers Draft Week: Be The GM

It's draft week! All the hype and all the predictions will soon be replaced by the second-guessing that naturally follows each pick of the draft. Since it is so difficult to predict what the Chargers will do without also accurately predicting the players selected by teams before them, my final Chargers mock draft will include clusters of players whom I believe are most likely to be available for the Chargers around each of their eight selections in this year's draft.

1st round (#18 overall)
Possibilities include:
JJ Watt DE
Cameron Jordan DE
Muhammad Wilkerson DE
Gabe Carimi OT
Akeem Ayers OLB
Jimmy Smith CB
My pick: Cameron Jordan DE- The Chargers will have either Watt or Jordan to select from- not both, in my estimation. There is a strong argument to made for skipping a DE for a player at a position of greater impact, like OLB or OT. Ultimately, the linebackers left at this point are nothing special, and AJ needs to strengthen one of the weaker areas on the team. If Jordan is there, he's the pick.

2nd round (#50 overall)
Possibilities include:
Allen Bailey DE
Sam Acho OLB
Martez Wilson ILB
Jon Baldwin WR
Jerrel Jernigan WR
Titus Young WR
My Pick: Jon Baldwin WR- The run on defensive players continues into the second round, forcing the Chargers to look in an offensive direction. There are some talented receivers available, with Jon Baldwin leading my list. Baldwin has been compared to Vincent Jackson in both size and ability. My only concern is that he most likely will not be an immediate contributor.

2nd round (#61 overall)
Possibilities include:
Jerrel Jernigan WR
Christian Ballard DE
Marcus Gilbert OT
Martez Wilson ILB
Orlando Franklin G
Quan Sturdivant ILB
Bruce Carter OLB
Chris Carter OLB
My pick: Chris Carter OLB- Bruce Carter seems to be getting all the attention, but Chris Carter out of Fresno State does not have the injury concerns that Bruce has. He would be an immediate contributor to the Chargers pass rush.

3rd round (#82 overall)
Possibilities include:
Marcus Gilchrist CB
Chimdi Chekwa CB
Leonard Hankerson WR
Tyler Sash S
Casey Matthews ILB
Clint Boling G
My Pick: Marcus Gilchrist CB- I would love to pick up some OT depth here, but the available talent is questionable. At this point, I'm adding either a linebacker or a defensive back.

3rd round (#89 overall)
Possibilities include:
Mason Foster OLB
Casey Matthews ILB
Taiwan Jones RB
Tyler Sash S
Jason Pinkston OT
My Pick: Casey Matthews ILB- While I'm not sold on Matthews going an earlier, there is a good chance that some other team will jump the gun on him earlier. He's worth a gamble in the 3rd round if he's available, should improve our special teams units, but don't expect the second coming of brother Clay.

Round 6 (#183 overall, and from here on an absolute shot in the dark)
Possibilities include:
Vincent Brown WR
Dwayne Harris WR/KR
Edmond Gates WR
David Carter DE/DT
Johnny White RB
My Pick: Dwayne Harris WR/KR- I don't think Brown will be there, so in comes Harris to help on special teams.

Round 6 (#201 overall)
Possibilities include:
Willie Smith OT
Bilal Powell RB
Jamie Harper RB
Justin Rogers CB/KR
My Pick: Justin Rogers CB/KR- Just the kind of small-school versatile player that AJ Smith likes. Not that he'll make the team.

Round 7 (#234 overall)
Possibilities include:
Brian Rolle OLB
Jarriel King OT
Keith Williams G
Matt Murphy G
My Pick: Jarriel King OT- AJ makes the obligatory OT pick in the 7th round.

Those are my picks, but don't be surprised if I go 0-8. I won't be! Perhaps some of you wanna-be GM's have your own predictions for the Chargers selections in the 2011 NFL Draft. Now's your chance to Be The GM and get your final picks in now! Comment below and share your draft evaluation skills.

April 25, 2011

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donzietgr said... Apr 25, 2011, 8:57:00 PM

Pretty good job Jeff. JJ Watt might be there at 18 but I doubt that C.Jordan will still be there. Overpaid F.A. Darren Sproles probably gone. A player that I hope the Chargers select to replace Sproles in the 3rd round is Jaquizz Rodgers from Oregon State.This guy is a winner, terrific 3rd down RB & return man.

ChargerBlogger said... Apr 26, 2011, 7:40:00 AM

I think Casey Matthews might go earlier. I think we will be pretty lucky to get Jordan at 18. I'm betting AJ makes some trades that blow up all the mock drafts!

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