Chargers In The News: All Eyes On Rivers

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers recently spoke with Rich Eisen on the NFL Network. Aside from the many Anchorman “classy” references regarding San Diego, Eisen asked Rivers how this unusual offseason was affecting the team.

Said Rivers, “This offseason might be good for us. There’s always been a lot of hype surrounding our team, whether it be people picking us to go to the Super Bowl or talking about how talented we are. That’s all kind of gone away. We ought to be humbled and hungry and ready to get back out there.” Those words echo previous statements from the Bolts’ QB, reflecting the team’s desire to stay out of the headlines this offseason, in contrast to more public events held by the New Orleans Saints and New York Jets, among others.

Rivers also mentioned that he and his wife are expecting their sixth child! Congratulations to the #17 and his family!

Offseason Workouts

In an interview with XX1090 Radio’s Marty Caswell, Rivers confirmed that offseason workouts for he and his Chargers teammates have been organized locally at USD. The players had done a pretty good job at keeping workouts under the radar, and hopefully there is no swarm of media and fans to interrupt the team’s offseason preparation. But if any of you do make it out USD and see the team, be sure to send us the photos!

NFL Instant Debate

A recent Instant Debate posed the question: Between Eli Manning, Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger, who would you pick to lead your team? The network’s experts answered unanimously in favor of the two-time Super Bowl champion, Roethlisberger.

This is a debate that seems to pop every offseason, and we at BOLTHYPE have consistently defended Rivers’ status as the top-quarterback from the 2004 NFL draft class. Statistically, per games started, Rivers leads the pack. His ability to keep his team in games and come from behind to win a game is second to none. Yet, based on Super Bowl wins, Rivers obviously trails behind Big Ben’s two championships and Eli’s one. In a world where it’s all about the championship ring, should Rivers stand ahead of Manning and Roethlisberger, or should he be relegated to the position of 3rd best QB from the 2004 draft?

June 13, 2011

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