Chargers In The News: NFL Labor Talks And More

NFL labor talks have made enough progress to leave observers optimistic that a deal is near. While recent negotiations had been clouded in secrecy, a number of rumors have leaked describing some of the specifics of a possible agreement.

This agreement would include:

-A roughly 48% player share of total revenue, which would allow for some expense credits to ownership for things like new stadium funding.
-Salary cap continuation, with a probable increase in the salary cap floor (forcing teams to spend close to the salary cap limit).
-Free agency service time would be set at four-years, allowing players like Eric Weddle, Malcolm Floyd, and Jeromey Clary to test the free agent market.
-A rookie salary cap will be included, reducing the cost of rookie contracts compared to previous years (although the specifics have not been released).
-A 16-game Thursday night football schedule is still being discussed, to begin as early as 2012 or as late as 2014.

The 18-game season is rumored to be open for discussion, but is not being considered as a guarantee in any potential deal at this point. Also, benefits for retired players could increase based on total league revenues.

There has been little word on Franchise and Transition tags for free agency, but it has been widely assumed that any deal will include these options.

Talks between the owners and players continue, and if the progress they have made continues, we could see a deal approved by mid-July.

Gates and Rivers Ranked In Top 100

QB Philip Rivers and TE Antonio Gates join LB Shaun Phillips on the NFL Network’s Top-100 Players list. Rivers was ranked #26 on the list, while Gates was the highest-ranked Chargers player at #22. Since most Chargers fans would probably argue that both of these players should be ranked higher, it will be interesting to see which players make the top-20.

Sports Illustrated columnist Peter King revisited the Rivers vs. Ben Roethlisberger controversy in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, since Big Ben was ranked 41st on the Top-100 list. As has been previously discussed here at Bolthype, Rivers stats are tops amongst the quarterback class of 2004, based on games played. When discussing Super Bowl rings, obviously Roethlisberger and his premier defenses have two rings, while Rivers has none. But since I still have trouble judging a player’s talent by a championship, Rivers is still a better quarterback in my opinion.

June 22, 2011

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