Prior to Kickoff - 4 Questions About The 2011 Chargers

In order for the Chargers to live up to the (BOLT) hype, the following questions must be answered in 2011.

Will Antonio Gates play the entire season with his current foot concerns?
Going into week one, many fans, and even Gates himself have blindly pushed his plantar fasciitis woes into the rear view mirror. His optimism and current practicing schedule does give hope that his health has returned. However, it’s easy to forget early in the pre-season he couldn’t practice with the team due to foot pain.

Can Mathews hold on to the football?
Fumbling in crucial situations last year, including the opener at Kansas City may have cost the Chargers a game or two in the win column. With those games last year, the Chargers are in the playoffs. Correcting the fumbling may get them over the hump.

Will Bob Sanders create more turnovers?
Dropped interceptions and lack of defensive play making has always plagued the Chargers defense. Sanders hits with pop and seems to take chances, which although may lead to some big plays for the offense, also lead to big plays for the defense.

Can the Chargers win in New England?
The road to the super bowl inevitably goes through an AFC East or North team. This game will most likely be played on the road and in the cold. Although this time of the year doesn’t promise the weather setting, it does test the teams mental toughness.

September 10, 2011

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