Chargers Continue To Struggle With Injuries

The Chargers are suffering from an all too familiar injury bug. It seems near impossible for the Bolts to keep all of their heralded talent on the field at the same time. Below is a list of players that have been affected prior to and post week 3.

* Player did not play or had to leave the Chiefs game due to injury.

1. Luis Castillo*
2. Jacque Cesaire*
3. Antonio Garay*
4. Bob Sanders*
5. Antonio Gates*
6. Quentin Jammer*
7. Corey Luiget
8. Phillip Rivers
9. Malcolm Floyd
10. Vincent Jackson
11. Mike Tolbert

Positions of Concern:

-The Quentin Jammer injury is one of massive concern, he appeared to be holding his knee/leg. Alongside Shaun Phillips, he remains a leader of the defense. The one bright spot here is Gilchrist played about as well as you can in his spot as a rookie. The first play after Jammer left the field, Cassel found Bowe for a touchdown over Cason.

-Bob Sanders did not dress for week 3. A fear of many going into the season, his fragile complexion seems to have reared its ugly head. Steve Gregory, who played well Sunday and returning free agent Paul Oliver should see extended time until this glass house playmaker returns.

-The Liuget and Cesaire injuries piled on top of Castillo’s broken leg, have hampered the Chargers at defensive line. Without quick recoveries, a huge concern has to be the defensive line play. Garay returned after a couple of plays on the sideline.

-Gates and his foot. Backup Randy McMichael has played well other than an important 3rd down drop last week. You can’t replace a healthy Antonio Gates. Healthy is the key word here, and Gates is clearly struggling. At this point you have to move forward with McMichael and Sperry as your main targets.

Do the Chargers have enough depth to continue winning amongst numerous injuries? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

September 29, 2011

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