Behind the Bolts: A Peak into the Past

BOLTHYPE was reminded that the Chargers were once Champions.  The San Diego Hall of Champions allowed a peak into the past. History reminds us that there was once a successful franchise that provided effort, excitement, and innovation that even the most pessimistic of fan could not ignore. The San Diego Sports Commission was kind enough to open up the San Diego Hall of Champions archive to BOLTHYPE. This article provides pictures and relates some of the memorabilia we were given access to, to today's Chargers. More information on the Hall of Champions can be found by clicking here

Sid Gillman Playbook: Not only was this picture taking for your viewing pleasure, but a copy of this playbook was shipped to Norv Turner in hopes of inspiring creativity this offense has not seen in 2011.
AFL 1963 Championship Trophy: A Chargers Championship trophy?  It sounds so eloquent off the tongue. The last time that San Diego has won a Championship against the Boston Patriots. *sigh*
Lance Alworth Jersey/Helmet: The MVP of the league, and star of the 1963 Championship team, WR, Lance Alworth.  When are the Chargers bringing back these alternate jerseys? Maybe when Vincent Jackson gets mistaken for Bambi.


1994 Lamar Hunt Trophy/AFC Champion Ring: In a season where Stan Humphries could conceivably be missed.  BOLTHYPE's Mychal Edelman got to raise the trophy that so many hoped the Charger's could contend for in 2011.


Gil Byrd #22 One Piece Uniform: This uniform is unique in the fact that the player would have to climb into it "one-zy" style through the collar. Thankfully technology has advanced to a point where pants and jerseys are not one.


Junior Seau Game Worn Jersey: SAY-OW. Donald Butler and other Charger Linebackers take note.  We sorely need a playmaker like Seau in his prime to join this un-intimidating Manusky bunch.

Walt Sweeney #78, an all pro guard on the 1963 Championship team, saw his Championship trophy for the first time at the viewing. A graduate of Syracuse University, he spoke about how he signed with the Chargers after a big game against UCLA, for $5000 a year.  An All-Pro guard at that price tag? What a steal! Walt also mentioned that he deeply admires Kris Dielman's play as a guard.

Special thanks to the SDHOC, and Anthony Lachica.

What players of Charger teams in the past, could this years team use most?

November 17, 2011

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