Chargers' Turnovers Lead To Loss In Chicago

We usually save the BOLTHYPES and BOLTGRIPES for the end of a post-game column, but not today. Today’s gripes are too agonizing to save until the end.


Turnovers: Ryan Mathews had two fumbles (only one was recovered by Chicago), and Philip Rivers threw two more interceptions. It’s easy to say that Mathews should be benched following a fumble, but what do you do with Rivers?

The 4th-Quarter: The Chargers offense gained ZERO yards in the 4th quarter. They began the 4th-quarter by kicking a 48-yard field goal. Their remaining 4th-quarter drives consisted of two incomplete passes and two interceptions.

Turnovers… it’s become a broken record in San Diego, but turnovers were again the difference in this game. This Chargers team had eight (by my count) starters out of the game, and was still able to hang with the Bears blow-for blow until three second-half turnovers ruined what could have been a surprising victory. For most of three quarters, the Chargers had overcome mediocre blocking by a patchwork offensive line, and more questionable calls by it’s coaching staff. They couldn’t run the ball, yet still found a way to get their top deep-receiving threat open more times than Rivers was able to find him.

In what was close to being called a gutsy performance by a beat-up San Diego team, ultimately the Bolts lost another game because of turnovers. The Chargers on Sunday were not good enough to compensate for more mistakes. It’s those mistakes, one-more by a fumble-prone running back, two-more by their imploding franchise quarterback, that ultimately cost them the game.


Offensive Line: This isn’t high praise for the offense line, because they looked like a revolving door Chicago defenders too often, but Rivers didn’t get killed yesterday. In fact, he didn’t get sacked, although he was running for his life on a few occasions.

Penalties: Or a lack thereof. The Chargers only had three penalties called on them Sunday. That’s a positive, right?

I can admit that it is much easier to watch this team when you lower your expectations. That's what last-place in a bad division will do for you.

What’s your take on the Chargers fifth loss in a row?

November 21, 2011

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