Can The Chargers Beat The Jaguars?

If ever there was a team in more disarray than the Chargers, it would be the Jaguars. Fired coach, ownership mess, coaching staff disorganization, a growing Injured Reserve list, and an uncertain future in their current hometown…you could say that the Jaguars are the uglier twin brother of our Bolts. A lot alike in so many ways, yet maybe even worse off. So can the sorry Chargers beat a sorrier Jaguars team on Monday night?

Offensively, the Chargers are clearly the better team. The Chargers rank 6th in yards per game, but only 20th in points scored. That is a lot better than the last-place ranking of the Jaguars in most key offensive categories.

For the Jaguars, that whole rookie-quarterback thing isn’t working out quite as well as it is for the team they are eternally linked to, the Carolina Panthers.

On the defensive side of the ball, things get more interesting. Defensively, the Jaguars are ranked 4th overall in yards given up per game, behind such defensive stalwarts as the Steelers, Texans, and Ravens. More importantly, they are ranked 5th in total points scored against. The Chargers are ranked 12th in yards against and 21st in points against.

Lets break down the Jaguars’ performance a little further.

They have been blown out (lost by 14 points or more) just twice in 2011 (against the Saints and Jets). In most every game they played this season they were able to keep things close. Admittedly, they have played a fairly soft schedule when you take the collapse of the Colts into account, but the Jaguars have proven to be competitive with most every team they have faced.

Their defense keeps them in games.

The Chargers have been blown out just once, in a game against the Patriots that was more competitive than you might think. You could say that in most every Bolts’ loss this season, it was the offense doing just enough to keep the game close, but not enough to win.

The NFL yearbook for both teams will read, “They did enough to be almost dangerous”.

My prediction for tonight’s game? Based on the stats, I’ll go 23-20, Chargers. But since these teams are so evenly matched, I’m equally inclined to predict an injury-riddled draw.

Wouldn’t that sum up the Chargers’ fading season perfectly?

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December 5, 2011

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