The Chargers Keep Hope Alive With Win Over Ravens

At the point when the Chargers beating of the Baltimore Ravens became an official blow-out, a friend of mine tweeted, “I can honestly say this is the most frustrating game of the entire season.” And while I cheered each touchdown and each big stop by the defense, I realized that the irritation building inside of me was not from the pizza I ate before kickoff, but from the frustration of knowing that this was the team we were supposed to be watching the first 11 games of the season...and didn’t.

Giving the Chargers their due, this was a huge win over a talented team. While their playoff hopes are still a long-shot, the Bolts play their best with their backs to the wall, and this season has proven to be no exception.

So it took until week 15 for the defense to come together, matching what the offense had accomplished in recent weeks. Seeing the Chargers stomp on a legitimate Super Bowl contender on Sunday Night Football is enough to give most Chargers fans a glimmer of hope for the final two weeks of the season.

What if the Chargers can win-out and find their way into the playoffs? Their lack of depth on the offensive line and lack of consistent play makers on defense is still concerning. But for at least one more week, Chargers fans can hold tightly to that hope. Santa may still bring us a post-season.


Philip Rivers: Rivers had possibly his best game of the season and, in case you missed it, with 270-yards passing hit the 4000-yard mark for the 4th year in a row, only the third QB ever to accomplish that.

Malcolm Floyd: It’s easy to forget how good Floyd can be when he is spending large chunks of the season on the sideline, but when he is healthy he is always dangerous. I still hate that after every Floyd catch I wait for the training staff to run onto the field.

Chargers Defense: Two interceptions by linebackers (Spikes and Phillips) and seven total sacks by the front-seven led to their most dominating performance in a long time. Joe Flacco is average, but the Raven’s running game is no joke. Some big stops and the Chargers’ offensive explosion effectively eliminated Baltimore’s strength.

A Little Help: Special thanks to the Patriots and Lions for beating the Broncos and Raiders and keeping things tight in the AFC West.


Uniforms: Yes, when there is nothing else to complain about, I’m going to go there. It’s a travesty against all things right and just in this world that the Chargers don’t wear their powder blues permanently. I know it’s 100% a marketing ploy to sell more jerseys, but that doesn’t make it right. Switch to the powder blues. Even better, switch to the actual throwback powder blues. I guarantee a Super Bowl the second they do it!

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December 19, 2011

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