The Chargers Look Good Against Another Bad Team

Some things in life are amazing, and the world of football is no exception to that. Take the Chargers. They looked mostly horrible for the first 12 weeks of the season (I’m betting even their bye week was spent sucking), only to come back looking like Super Bowl champs in the last two weeks. That is, if Super Bowl champs got to play last place embarrassments in the post-season. Still, the offense is clicking and the defense is playing like a stout unit once again. It’s an amazing turn around, even if it is against the dregs of the league.

But more amazing is the run that the Broncos continued on Sunday, with their unbelievable come back overtime win against the Bears. Once again the Broncos’ offense impressed no one, yet came together in the 4th quarter to ride the defense and the most-amazing leg of Matt Prater to another win.

What isn’t amazing are the Chargers playoff chances. If the Broncos win just one more game or if the Chargers lose just one more game, then our Bolts are out of the race for the division crown with a very-long shot at earning a wild-card spot. It would take a lot of luck to make the playoffs at this point. Unfortunately, the Broncos seem to have cornered the market in luck.

Still, the Chargers’ win over the Bills was entertaining for the few fans who actually got to watch it. If you did or didn’t get to see this game, here are the highs and lows.


Philip Rivers: 24-33 passing (73%) accompanied by three TD’s is a good day in my book.

Ryan Mathews: The third straight 100-yard game for Mathews is good, but I was more impressed by how he did it. He is running with a lot of confidence, picking his holes wisely and running hard, while adding six receptions to boot.

Eric Weddle: Forget his league leading 7th interception- his call for a fake field goal that he ran for a first-down was a momentum and game changer.

Defense: The Bolts’ defense has not given up a touchdown in six-straight quarters.

Bragging Rights: On a personal note, the Chargers beating the Bills, especially a bad Bills team, is huge for me because it gives me bragging rights over my in-laws during the holiday season. We are all rooting for bad teams this year, but at least their team is a little worse than mine.


Rivers: He had a decent day behind center, except for the ridiculous fumble into the endzone resulting in a Buffalo defensive TD. Rivers has never been a perfect ball handler, but this season in particular has been amazingly bad.

Quentin Jammer: It’s a little depressing to realize that Jammer is looking old. He seems to get beaten by opposing receivers on a more regular basis. His move to safety may be coming as soon as 2012.

What are your BOLTHYPES and GRIPES for Sunday's win over the Bills?

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December 12, 2011

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