The Chargers Season Finale: What Are You Rooting For?

Sunday the Chargers face off against the Oakland Raiders in their season finale. The Raiders are playing for their playoff lives, as a win over the Chargers paired with a Denver loss will hand the Raiders the AFC West division title. The Chargers, on the other hand, are playing for…pride. Or possibly for the job of head coach Norv Turner. Or, in the eyes of a lot of Chargers fans, a draft slot. So BOLTHYPE asks, what are you rooting for on Sunday?

Are you rooting for a Chargers win? No matter how bad a season goes, it’s hard to complain about a win. But this Sunday, against the rival Raiders? Personally, I can’t think of any scenario that would have me hoping the Raiders do anything but lose, bankrupt their team, and slide into the massive crevice of a fault line leading straight to the pits of hell.

Are you rooting for a Chargers loss? “Fans” have thrown around a number of reasons why they will be rooting for a Chargers loss to the Raiders on Sunday. Foremost among those reasons is the momentum a loss might provide toward the firing of coach Norv Turner. While I don’t understand the hatred directed toward Norv, I do understand the desire to see change at Chargers headquarters, starting with the head coach and most of the coaching staff. Additionally, a humiliating loss to the Raiders may provide an additional push to part ways with GM AJ Smith as well.

Another popular reason fans use to root for a Chargers loss is the draft position argument. A Chargers loss Sunday could mean an improvement in draft position of about five slots, meaning the team may draft around pick number 15 in the first round instead of around pick number 20. If you compare this scenario to last year’s draft, that improvement in draft position could have meant the drafting of offensive linemen Mike Pouncey or Nate Solder, or DE/OLB Ryan Kerrigan instead of DE Corey Liuget…assuming AJ liked those guys better to begin with. I can appreciate the draft position argument, but so much is riding on who is evaluating talent that it’s hard to get excited about the possibilities.

As I mentioned before, I can’t bring myself to hope for a Raiders win under any circumstances, so I’m 100% behind the Chargers to pull off the upset Sunday. What are you rooting for in the Chargers’ season finale?

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December 31, 2011

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