Chargers Draft 2012: Chattin' Chargers with Myke and Josh

Mychal Edelman and Josh Bretow make their final predictions before the 2012 NFL Draft, and analyze the Chargers regular season schedule. Listen to this episode to hear who they think the Chargers will draft and what the Bolts' regular season record might be.

The BOLTHYPE Podcast - Chattin' Chargers with Myke and Josh - 2012 NFL Draft Preview:

Josh Bretow and Mychal Edelman discuss the Charger's area of needs, the change in prospect outlook since their first mock projections, as well as take a verbal peek at all 16 games on the upcoming 2012 schedule.

First 3 Selections (All picks are explained in podcast)

Josh Bretow's FINAL Mock 2.0 | @joshbretow

Round 1
Courtney Upshaw, Outside Linebacker, Alabama
Round 2
Mike Adams, Offensive Tackle, Ohio State
Round 3
Brandon Taylor, Safety, LSU

Mychal Edelman's FINAL Mock 2.0 | @mychaledelman

Round 1
Harrison Smith, Safety, Notre Dame
Round 2a
Mike Adams, Offensive Tackle, Ohio State
Round 2b
Lavonte David, Outside Linebacker, Nebraska

April 25, 2012

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Jaylibs said... Apr 26, 2012, 8:11:00 AM

Why don't we get LT back? And I like ur piks but we need a corner also and josh is such a hater of the roots

Triplook said... Apr 26, 2012, 11:31:00 AM

wd dont need LT---we dont need any washed up players--new blood---we kept him 2 yrs too long anyways

Dbretow said... Apr 26, 2012, 6:34:00 PM

I found the comments on the future of the Chargers this year most enlightening and very knowledgeable. I found Mr. Bretow's  pessimistic outlook for the Chargers this year bothersome since I strongly feel we will be fielding a Super Bowel team this year.

On the other hand it was a pleasure listening to you two.

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