NFL Draft 2012: Prospects That Fit Charger Schemes

Heck, call it a hunch.  Sometimes there are just certain draft prospects that make more sense than others in blue and gold. Projecting recent Charger drafts have been nearly impossible due to the obscurity of 1st round names.  By ignoring given player grades, combine numbers, and expert mock drafts…Let’s take a look at players who fit the Chargers current schemes.

Coupled with current areas of need, AJ Smith’s subjectivity is what ultimately contributes to each selection.  BOLTHYPE has conjured up a list of lesser known prospects that make sense.  Don’t be surprised if you see a couple of the below names in a Chargers uniform come opening kickoff of 2012 (Positions selected by current needs):

OLB: Josh Kaddu, 6-3 240 | Oregon | Projected Round 3-4
As an Oregon fan, Kaddu is undoubtedly a raw talent.  He is a lean athlete that draws freakish athlete comparisons to current Seahawk Julian Peterson.  What Kaddu can do is get after the quarterback by being faster and quicker than the offensive lineman in front of him. Aside from Antwan Barnes, the Chargers need to add a speed OLB, who can cover and play in passing downs.  He is definitely an every down project that could pay huge sack dividends in spot duty as a rookie. Josh Kaddu Prospect Profile

OG/OT: Ryan Miller, 6-7 321 | Colorado | Projected Round 6-7
Obviously has the size you look for in a guard.  Miller was a lone bright spot on an abysmal Colorado offense. As Tyronne Greene steps into the starting role, a player like Ryan Miller who as the versatility and feet to play tackle would be a solid depth addition.  Balanced player who can both run and pass block and should definitely compete as a starter down the line.  Ryan Miller Prospect Profile

Strong Safety: Brandon Taylor, 5-11 209 | LSU | Projected Round 3
An undersized, savvy safety...sound familiar?  Don't think Taylor lacks the hitting ability that former safety Steve Gregory did.  Taylor reminds us of a more talented and fluid Kevin Ellison. As the feared LSU's secondary's leader, he experienced top end competition in the SEC and was overshadowed by the play of his corners.  Although Weddle is clearly the leader in of the Charger's back end.  Taylor is the kind of physical playmaker to compliment Weddle.  Brandon Taylor Prospect Profile

Defensive End: Billy Winn, 6-4 298 | Boise State | Projected Round 2-3
Winn , a former high school wrestler and power lifter fits the mold as a young 3-4 defensive end.  Powerful enough to draw Olshansky comparisons, but played with more explosion and pace for a disciplined Boise State defense ranked in the Top 5 his Senior year.  Will be a legitimate 2 down run stopper and could surprise as a pass rusher with development.  Billy Winn Prospect Profile

Running Back: Chris Rainey, 5-8 180 | Florida | Projected Round 4
Sproles clone, would have added value in return game as well, but we all know the Chargers are not short of options there after this off season.  A scat back with BLAZING speed who was productive at Florida.  Screen weapon as well.  Need a player like him to add other dimension.  Chris Rainy Prospect Profile

Defensive Tackle: Hebron Fangupo, 6-1 323 | BYU | Projected Round 5
3-4 defensive tackle in college, that provides the body type and power you look for in the system. Has unique body type and size that is a need for teams like the Chargers.  Does have injury concerns, but is worth the risk later in the draft to help out in the trenches. Hebron Fangupo Prospect Profile

Honorable Mentions:
WR: Jeff Fuller Texas A&M, Fights for the ball with good natural size. Potential starter down the line. Going to be a steal for whoever takes a shot.
ILB: Vonteze Burfict Arizona State, Stock dropping into final day, originally a first round talent. Well worth the risk.
TE:  Josh Chichester Louisville, Huge Receiving tight end, may be an undrafted free agent option.

Do you see other prospects that might be a nice fit with this current Charger's coaching staff?

April 22, 2012

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RaiderHater said... Apr 22, 2012, 2:19:00 PM

  I like your research!!  I reviewed all the profiles and I will agree, some hidden talent in this mix. Miller and Taylor especially interest me but I am all good with your line up.  These indeed fit the classic AJ mold (notice I said mold...sometimes it takes a different meaning with AJ's picks)!  With lots of picks this year, we should be able to load us up with some backup developmental players as well as hit on the 2-3 key needs on D.  With all but a few days left...I am sure I feel a cold or flu coming on..."cough cough" oh yeah I may have to call in sick Thursday and Friday!!!!

Myke said... Apr 22, 2012, 11:06:00 PM

I know they aren't huge areas of need,  but I would LOVE to see Fuller brought in at WR. I'm really high on this guy...and also Burfict at ILB.  He has so much attitude...something bolts D is searching for..

BOLTHYPE said... Apr 23, 2012, 1:13:00 AM

I definitely see the Chargers looking at linebacker in the 3rd or 4th round range, even if they do take an OLB in the first. A guy like Kaddu could develop while playing special teams and bring value that way. Shaun Phillips may not get an contract extension so the Chargers may need more than 1 OLB from this draft class/

Triplook said... Apr 23, 2012, 12:07:00 PM

is anyone else fearful about this draft or is it just me?????

Ace Smith said... Apr 24, 2012, 1:02:00 PM

u left out fletcher cox, i guarantee that fletcher cox will be going off the board and it will be to the chargers and i tell u why right here!

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