Three And Out: May 20, 2012

As we count down the days until the start of the preseason, let's take a look at some of the more interesting stories surrounding the Chargers this past week.


Philip Rivers made his debut in the's Top 100 Players of 2012 list, tumbling from his 26th overall ranking in 2011 down to 61st in 2012 - a fall of 35 spots. With the Chargers missing the playoffs each of the past two years, and with Rivers turning the ball over more in '11 than in any other year in his professional career (20 Interceptions + 5 lost fumbles), one could see why his raising star may have sunk just a bit.

The Top 100 list is comprised of votes from current players, and in a league that asks "what have you done for me lately?" Rivers will have to throw less interceptions, do less trash-talking, and win more games if he is to reclaim a spot in the top 30.

So is Rivers underrated or overrated? Is his trash-talking going too far, especially considering he is a quarterback? Will this ranking light a fire under Rivers and do you expect big things from him?

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The Chargers simply couldn't afford to keep their immensely talented Pro Bowl wide receiver Vincent Jackson, who signed a five-year, $55.55 million free-agent contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the off season. Jackson's departure leaves a big hole in the Chargers' passing game as a guy who has the potential to go for 1000 yards with 10 touchdowns every year. Rivers is now without his favorite deep-threat and match-up nightmare.

The Chargers hope to replace Jackson with a combination wide receivers now on the roster. Robert Meachem, Eddie Royal, Roscoe Parrish and Michael Spurlock were added in free agency, and Vincent Brown and Malcom Floyd are proven complimentary pieces. The team also signed a load of college free agents to camp, and will take a look for those guys to compete with Richard Goodman as the team's 5th receiver.

What is your take on the Chargers new-look receiving corp? Do you think the team will have enough time to prepare together and gel? Who do you expect to emerge from this group and cement themselves as the number one guy?


Big news for Chargers fans; it looks like #85 is fully healthy again after finally getting enough time away from the game to heal his foot injuries.

"Gates looks great, he's back. Physically, he's back to where we want him to be. I think, like anybody, going through this off season program helps you get better. (It's) the combination of conditioning, the combination of getting better in the areas you can improve, and being out there with your teammates."

If Antonio Gates can reclaim his Pro Bowl form, he'll be an invaluable contributor to what the Chargers do on offense, with or without the ball. His presence alone will help Ryan Mathews and Robert Meachem avoid double teams and being spied by linebackers and safeties.

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May 20, 2012

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Sam Banogon said... May 20, 2012, 1:48:00 PM

Rivers success is dependent on the health of his line. When the line is healthy and giving Rivers time to throw, the Chargers will average over 30 points a game. A half a second makes a huge difference. Also, a healthy Gates will also help with opposing defenses not bringing the gauntlet on passing downs. Although VJ is a top receiver in the league, Rivers can make any receiver sucessful as long as he is given time to read the coverages. That was evident during VJ's contract dispute. Side note- Norv Turner is one of the best offensive minds in the game. At times he can be overly conservative and routine. He needs to open up that play book to keep the defense's guessing. How many runs up the middle on first down went for less than two yards leaving 2nd and long. Things that make you go hmmm....

Pete Spinning said... May 22, 2012, 9:54:00 PM

Rivers should talk even more trash! He is overrated only by the East Coast pole-smokers at the NFL Network, who are too busy blowing smoke up the asses of anything that makes a quick buck, and seems like a safe viewpoint. Philip's stats aren't overrated, that's for sure. Doesn't he have the 5th highest QB rating of all time (better than Peyton I believe)? Still.. the NFL network suggested Rivers is the 2nd best QB in the AFC West now. I guess Manning (who hasn't played in a year, has a completely new system to learn, is coming off of a severe injury, and is 36) simply has to show up to be #1. Rivers has his number, and we all know it.The East Coast Example: The Chargers are underachievers who don't have a super bowl ring, and are soft. But, the EAGLES are a team on the verge of greatness, who have had a string of bad luck, and who's excellent coaching staff deserve more praise than their 8-8 record reflects. (same record as the Chargers... eh-hem... and no ring either). I guess it all depends on what coast you grew up on. Which most of these NFL analysts & hosts (who are usually retired meat-head players and coaches.. from the East Coast teams) spend the entire season telling us anything except how the Chargers are doing.The new receiving corp looks a little different, but we shouldn't be afraid of change. Jackson left a big hole... but, he was already leaving a big hole while he was here.. with contract disputes, disgruntled relationships, and hold outs. Not going to miss him, honestly.. even if we finish dead last in his absence. He just wasn't a Charger, in my opinion. Sorry.So let the NFL network report the same 4 stories over & over, until your eyes roll back in your head, and blood trickles out of your nose... let them RG3, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, and Tim Tebow you to death.. because Michael Lombardi is an idiot, and the only one I like, and have respect for... Jason La Camfora... is leaving for CBS, anyway. It's a joke, and Philip Rivers is gonna teach them a lesson this year... at which point, they will all say "I told you Philip Rivers was elite!", after bashing him, and the Chargers endlessly.And that's all I have to say. Deuces!

RaiderHater said... May 24, 2012, 8:46:00 PM

Freak Yeah my homeboy!!!!!!!!  Tell it loud - tell it proud!!!  You are soooo on point here wife is from Philly...she knows they are crap but talks the freaking talk...and I remind her every year just how well they suck, then and yet the peeps from the East are all about woulda coulda not their fault BS 
   VJ...uhhh mark our words, we will be saying VJ who in the West soon enough.  PR with even more players to throw to...are you freaking kidding me - watch this year!  And Manning,,,,come on, he will have a fair year (if he survives) but it will be the year of others and PR will be one of them rising to the top.  Thank goodness for Dungee and Gruden...they understand the Bolts and always talk the good and bad of any game but they see the potential and are not East coast wanna be old time ex-player haters.  And that Mr. That!

Nick In PB said... May 25, 2012, 8:53:00 AM

Praises to both of you... great comments and posts! I get sick of the East Coast bias. And they report the same crap endlessly! This is baseball season and I watch Sports Center every morning while getting ready for work. I am a Cardinal fan at heart, but will always root for the home team Padres. Every morning I see Red Sox and Yankee highlights without fail. Notice, they are a bit longer than other highlights as well. Both of those teams are bringing up the rear in their division. Every year... same thing. You don't even get a whiff of a Padre highlight unless they are playing someone significant. And the Tim  Tebo thing... please!!! Give me a break! Tired, old, repetitive.

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