Chargers Secondary Remains a Question Mark Heading Into 2012

San Diego heads into the 2012 NFL season with high hopes that their secondary has improved significantly from last year, but there still remain a few question marks about who the starters will be and what we can expect from them.


Quentin Jammer has been a model of consistency at the cornerback position. One of the longest tenured and most consistent players on the Chargers roster, he has quietly had a pretty stellar career, even if never making the Pro Bowl. But even a player of his caliber is susceptible to off-the-field distractions, as was the case with Jammer last year, facing the unfortunate reality of divorce.

Jammer described himself as "mentally shot" in 2011, and freely admits that his performance on the field suffered as a result.

"I was going through a divorce. It's hard playing football when so much is on your mind," said Jammer, the father of three.

#23 had one the worst seasons of his career, allowing more yards per attempt and more touchdowns than his career average previously.

Quentin Jammer hopes to move past this difficult period and refocus himself on football. These men make incredible sacrifices, both physically and mentally, to play in the NFL at a high level. But a supportive team and fanbase can do wonders for a player's confidence.


Atari Bigby was signed as an offseason free agent by the Chargers to the tune of a 1 year, $2.5 million dollar contract, worth up to $4.5 million based on escalators. Making that kind of money, it's difficult to imagine that Bigby won’t get serious consideration for the starting safety position opposite Pro-Bowler Eric Weddle.

"This was the opportunity I was looking for during the offseason. I just wanted a chance to start and play ball. Everything is going as planned, and I'm getting the chance I asked for," said Bigby, via the North County Times.

Bigby's main problem has been health-related. But despite a career riddled with injuries, he still displays some nice ability, especially on special teams and playing the run. BOLTHYPE Senior Writer Anthony Blake describes Bigby as "heady" with a high football IQ. And so far, he seems to be gelling well with his new teammates in San Diego.

"The dude can play," says Eric Weddle. "He's been impressive to me by how he carries himself and the way he works. He's a lot like me, only a little bigger. He's very knowledgeable and understands the role of each player in the secondary. That's why I think we're going to have a solid working relationship."

Even though the Chargers made an excellent draft-day move to go up and get Brandon Taylor, their safety of the future, they don't have much of a history starting young defensive backs as rookies. Expect Atari Bigby to get plenty of playing time in the base defense, with Brandon Taylor coming in on some Nickel and Dime packages.


What expectations do you have of the Chargers secondary in 2012? Has Cason developed into the cornerback he was expected to become? Will Jammer bounce back? Does signing Atari Bigby remind you of last year's signing of Bob Sanders? Are the Chargers young enough, smart enough, and fast enough to convert more turnovers in the secondary this year? Sound off in the comments section below!

June 18, 2012

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RaiderHater said... Jun 18, 2012, 11:22:00 AM

Yes Jammer seemed way flat last year. Many of us wanted him to move inside...I never knew about all his personal issues during that period and I would agree that would jack one up. Especially in his position which requires a quick read and understanding the play, all the while wondering the "why and WTF" a divorce does to you. I hope he returns this year as he always had been...solid, steady and rarely a target of opposing QB's.
Bigby knows this is his last ha-raw and he has a chance to make some nice mullah $$$ for performance. He has talent and if he can stay healthy enough, will be a nice addition in the middle of the D. Cason worries me a lot, he was toasted so many times last year that the "toast" was turning into carbon dust. I hope he improves or there will be a cremation event every week...ouch! The key has always been to apply pressure fast and hard to the QB so deep plays can't develop, or when he throws it he is getting creamed at the same time causing him to become gun shy. The front pressure along with the LB will be a big key this year...more than the DB and Safeties...just my opinion.
How about LT retiring as a Charger!!! Got to give him respect for that!! Glad and proud to have his number as a Bolt...despite his departure and all that went down...he leaves the NFL as a Charger - True That!!

BOLTHYPE said... Jun 18, 2012, 11:23:00 AM

RH, I like your perspective on Bigby's hunger and motivation, that's an interesting take. - Rob Z

Nick in PB said... Jun 22, 2012, 9:01:00 AM

I will say that I have a little more faith in Cason than RH does. I think Cason suffered the same as a lot of the d-side with Manusky's coaching technique. With a corner, confidence is everything. I think Manusky's lack of leadership and supposed mindgames was not good for a young player like Cason. He has the ability and he was getting there before Manusky. I think he has a bounce back season. Especially with Jammer focused. I doubt that Jammer was much help last year either. I was excited last year about Bob Sanders. It's a shame he is that fragile. If Bigby can stay healthy and Taylor can have a solid rookie campaign, I think our secondary will be much improved. Not to mention the help they should get with more pressure. Just like with chess, the pieces are there. Now we just need to stay healthy and move them around without losing too many of them. Go Bolts!.

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