Eric Weddle Integral To Chargers Defense

The NFL odds are saying the Chargers should be right there in the AFC West race and Eric Weddle will be hoping he can have a positive effect on that possibility.

Chargers: Eric Weddle update by

It will be interesting to see how this San Diego offense fares in 2012/13.

Gone is star wideout Vince Jackson, but the Chargers still own a lot of weapons, starting of course at the quarterback position with Philip Rivers.

Malcom Floyd steps in and takes over the number one spot at wide receiver, while Robert Meachem was also brought in from New Orleans. He should be an outstanding fit in San Diego.

The Chargers also have Vincent Brown, Eddie Royal and don't forget about Antonio Gates, one of the best tight ends in the game.

At running back, Ryan Mathews is due for a breakout season. He has no one standing in his way to take away touches now, and defenses are going to have to stay honest considering Rivers is one of the best deep passers of the ball in the NFL. Mathews will have room to run.

But back to the defensive side of the ball and Weddle.

Weddle has quickly become one of the elite safeties and is coming off his first Pro Bowl appearance in 2011. He tied for the lead last season with seven interceptions and added in 88 tackles in what was a breakout year.

With Weddle's help, the Chargers weren't terrible at stopping the pass, giving up 224.4 YPG on average through the air. That put them in thirteenth in the NFL in that category.

It's containing the run that will be the big issue. The Chargers were in the bottom ten in rushing yards allowed (122.2) and Weddle's going to need some help from his teammates this coming season to prevent that from happening again.

July 28, 2012

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Pete Spinning said... Jul 29, 2012, 4:55:00 PM

Darn skippy, he's gonna need some help! JJ should seal the edge a little better, but we need better play from Garay, and crew. That first game against the Raiders last season was awful. McFadden wasn't even playing, and their back-up (Bush) made it look like a cheap game of schoolyard "Red Rover". No more games like that, please!!! It looked good in the opener last season.. we held AP for 80 yards +/- (I think). That was after he set the rushing record on us the season before. We need more of that.

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