Quick Strikes: Chargers 38 - Titans 10

Last week's win over the Raiders left some Chargers fans with a bad taste in their mouths. Sure, a win is a win, but the team seemingly needed a lot of help from an undisciplined and injured Raider squad to get one last week. To wash away that bad taste left by any amount of time spent in Oakland, CA, the Chargers needed to beat up on the inferior Tennessee Titans in Sunday's home opener. A win is good, but domination is better. And a 38-10 win is just the type of domination we all needed to see on Sunday.

To get anywhere in the league, you have to beat the teams you are supposed to beat. There are a lot of tough teams in the Charger's schedule, presenting a lot of question marks in the win/loss column. The Titans were never one of those question marks.

From the opening drive the Chargers took control of the game. Even a string of punts sandwiching a 2nd quarter interception barely made a dent in the Chargers' dominance. Even 32 rushing yards (by my count) in the first half wasn't enough to cause concern. By most measures of a game this one was boring. And that's just the way I like them, if that game leads to Chargers win.

On to the quick strikes:

-The Chargers' time of possession was 43 minutes 39 seconds. Dominant.

-Ronnie Brown may have worked himself out of lead backup roll. Rivers had more yards in one carry than Brown had in 4. Curtis Brinkley had as many receptions. If the Chargers need a game changing play, Brown is becoming the last option, not the first.

-More unfortunate for Brown, it may continue to be tough running the Wildcat behind this offensive line.

-Ryan Mathews may suit up and play against the Falcons next week. I'm not sure he will have more than moderate success until the run-blocking improves.

-When Mathews gets hurt again, can Jackie Battle be the lead back? Too cynical for you? 250 pounders just seem to need less run-blocking.

-I thought Norv Turner did a much better job in pass protection last week, but the Titans have a strong defensive front. Good play-calling and varied offensive schemes will not always be enough to keep Rivers upright.

-Chargers defenders were in the backfield a lot against the Titans, but they couldn't come away with a sack. Not complaining, more observing, but they need to hit opposing quarterbacks more, not less.

-Melvin Ingram is very close to making some big plays. He should have blocked a punt in the 2nd quarter (also should have had a roughing penalty). I see him getting more snaps as they spell the vets later in the season.

-I was amazed by the number of wide open receivers in this game. Rivers may have had another TD pass or two if he had recognized all of them.

-You have to admit that Norv knows offense.

-Rivers had a good game with 284 yards passing and 3 TD's while mostly trying to run out the clock in the fourth quarter. He hit a few guys deep. He rifled a few passes when needed. And he only made one "bad" decision, and even that one could have been saved by Malcolm Floyd.

-Last but not least, props to the Chargers for retiring #55 for Junior Seau. Good teams or bad, he made the Chargers worth watching. Never should have been forced out of San Diego to begin with.

As you can tell, I find it hard to complain about a 28-point win, but I could be in the minority. What did you think about the Chargers' performance Sunday? Are you feeling confident heading into the week three match-up against Atlanta? Sound off in the comments section below!

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September 17, 2012

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