Chargers Look To Get Season back On Track

This has not been the season for the San Diego Chargers. After starting strong at the beginning of the season, they have gone on a losing streak and have not looked back. They have plenty of problems with their team currently, and those will need to be fixed if they wish to get back on track with their winning ways. They will need to tighten up their defense and offense if they want to have a chance going forward on the season. If not, they will be watching the playoffs from home yet again this.

The Chargers host the Cincinnati Bengals this week it what should be a very interesting game for two teams clawing for a wild card spot in the playoffs. While the Chargers D has not been terrible this season, they have given up crucial games throughout the year, most notably the one against the Baltimore Ravens that went to overtime this past week. If they want to stay strong on the season they will need to tighten things up and find ways to win games on the defensive side of the ball.

A big reason for this is because their offense is just not what it used to be for the team. Philip Rivers has struggled all season to get it to his receivers and Ryan Mathews has not made an impact whatsoever for the team. While Mathews has an excuse because of his fractured clavicle at the beginning of the season, Rivers slip is mind boggling. He has great targets in Malcolm Floyd and Antonio Gates so his lackluster performance has raised many questions about his status as a quarterback in the NFL.

While the Chargers have the NFL odds on their side with a 1.5 points advantage against the Bengals, it is anybody's guess who will come out on top in this game. This is a risky pick for sure.

November 30, 2012

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