Chargers Need More Consistency says Mike Mayock

The NFL Network’s Mike Mayock sat down on earlier in the week to discuss his thoughts about Thursday’s San Diego Chargers Kansas City Chiefs game.  It was a game, that the Chargers had to win after losing three in a row to teams that they should have beat. But here is what he had to say about the team and what he thinks the Bolts need to do to get continue to win. The Chargers showed up to the game and everything worked out perfectly.

“I always love calling division battles, especially when you’re talking about the AFC West which is so tight.  There are so many storylines.  If you look back to the first game between these two teams, I thought Kansas City got out of character turning the ball over five times in the first half.  That is atypical of what I expect for this game. What I’m looking forward to is watching how well Kansas City is or isn’t at running the football and if the Chargers defense can make Matt Cassel one dimensional. And offensively for San Diego, I’m really anxious to watch Philip Rivers and his receivers.  They seem a little bit out of sync and I’m hoping that they can get it going again.  They are playing pretty solid defense, so I think they just need to be more consistent offensively.  That’s what it comes down to.  If they turn the ball over, they lose.  If they don’t they win.  It’s a pretty simple equation.”

If the Chargers, can continue to play like they did against the Chief they will be able to be contenders again for the second half of the season.


November 5, 2012

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