Chargers vs Broncos Preview

The Broncos lead the AFC West by two games but the Chargers will look to cut that lead in half on Sunday afternoon. San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers is 5-1 in his career at Denver with a 102.5 passer rating and the Chargers are seeking their fourth consecutive win at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Despite a 34-24 loss at Tampa Bay last week, the Chargers know they can climb right back into the division race on Sunday by beating the Broncos. If you happen to be looking for a site to bet you can do online betting at Top Bet.

"We know next week is as close to a must-win as it gets," says San Diego safety Erick Weddle. "We'll turn around and regroup."

Chargers tight end Antonio Gates had two touchdown catches against Denver in the season's first meeting and now has 80 for his career. Gates needs one more touchdown catch to equal Lance Alworth's team-record of 81 career touchdown catches.

The Broncos are streaking as the team has won four in a row. Last week, quarterback Peyton Manning threw for 301 yards and a touchdown in Denver's 36-14 win at Carolina. Manning's touchdown was the 420th of his career, tying Pro Football Hall of Famer Dan Marino for the second-most in NFL history. The victory was Manning's 147th, tying Marino for third all-time.

"This team has improved and we're developing some type of chemistry," says Manning. "We still have some things that we can do better. Any time you can learn a little bit about each other, make some progress and win some games, that's a good thing. But we still need to get better, especially down this homestretch."

The last time that the Chargers took on the Broncos, Denver QB Peyton Manning engined a comeback from 24-0 deficit, passing for 309 yards & 3 TDs for 129 passer rating.

November 14, 2012

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Nick in PB said... Nov 16, 2012, 8:09:00 AM

2 years ago, I would have been going into this game with some hope in my heart. But, the past two years has erased any of that hope. I know the players will be up for this game but they have to show me that they can eliminate the mistakes first, then we have a chance. But they can't seem to eliminate mistakes against lesser teams. There will be more pressure on Philip and you know what that means. Maybe if something happens to Manning, I give us a chance.

RaiderHater said... Nov 16, 2012, 2:45:00 PM

NICK - That's the see, as I have said time and time again, only a true Charger fan has uhhh what they call borderline 5150 or UB plain crazy. You have to be a forever optimist and many of us have cause to drink, as a result of this Team! We have owed Manning before, and we can (and did for 1 half this year), but it will take a full Team effort for a FULL 60 minutes (rarely seen in 2012). I will indeed watch it...I will hope for a win...I will drink excessively to ease the potential wife (unlike Pete's) will enjoy my pain with me (you see she is a Philly fan so you know how proud she is this year)! Oh, and I will wear my "colors" all day...but a loss will all but seal our fate for the if River's says "this may be a must win", he is grossly understating the obvious. After all, weirder things have happened...and Donkeys fly like pigs! So Bolt Up proud, because you are one of the legit psychotics... a.k.a. 5150 (crazy) to be a Charger's Fan!!

arnie said... Nov 17, 2012, 9:19:00 PM

yes this game is a must win. again. see at some point you just have to toss all reason in the toilet an say, WTH. the chargers have the ability to win this game. And we know, when there backs have been up against the wall, they responded. they need to respond now. All this talk about having peytons' number, well that was on another team, with a different charger squad. So is ever we need to get that number, now would be a good time to dial it up.

RaiderHater said... Nov 18, 2012, 7:34:00 AM

Arnie...Bolt Up is all or nothing today!!!

Nick in PB said... Nov 18, 2012, 10:06:00 AM

RH! Good stuff. I'm meeting with my most loyal Charger fans today for the game, at another buddy's of mine's bar. 50 cent wings, and some of the best I've had. I'll be enjoying beers, food and hopefully a BIG upset! We all know that in the past, a big win get's us rolling. Maybe a Big Loss will get the Broncos rolling the other way. Who knows. With Mannings leadership and John Fox coaching, they have the ability to bounce back. What we need, is a victory, period! And then a whole lot of F-ing luck!!! Of course, then Norv saves his job. I can say this, the only thing that would make me happy, if we don't win, is waking up tomorrow hearing that Norv resigned. Or fired. Then hope will resurface again!!! But right now, Sunday morning, I'd rather take the win! As my Bolt Hype brothers would say... Bolt Up Charger fans!!!!

Mark Pope said... Nov 19, 2012, 12:04:00 AM

Well, Bolt fans, we laid another egg this game but the big-picture is that this may be finally the end of the Norv Turner era. Although, funny, I question if it really is now his fault we're tanking. Phil Rivers is in a funk like I have never seen- I don't know if anyone else has any insight to the issues he has had this year- the INT's, the fumbles- he just looks uncomfortable in the pocket. Is our O-Line weak?? I think the boys are doing a decent job but, maybe I guess Rivers is just having an off-year....

On the brighter side, our defense is playing very well but it seems at times that we just can't get the critical 3rd down stop against Peyton's offense. Also, it has been refreshing to see the emergence of Danario Alexander, a true diamond in the rough that we were able to resurrect his once promising career. He reminds me and shares many of the same talents and attributes as Vincent Jackson- sure hands, great deep threat, and huge (6.5").

This year again has been gets tougher to be a Charger fan year-by-year. The talent we have is definitely still championship-caliber but sadly, the team as a whole just can't put it together. I trust in A.J.'s personnel moves but the glaring fault of his is his strange ego and why he wanted to break-up the good thing we had going with Marty as head-coach. I don't want to beat a dead-horse again but, I just hope this time around we go after a respected, proven head coach that our players can look up-too..the type of guy who has ice-water in his veins and keeps cool when the goings tough yet, can fire things up and inspire each player to perform beyond their capabilities and's not all about the X's and O's but about how much the coach believes and trusts in his players- not just in word but by his coaching decisions and leadership. A.J., are you reading this??? - because John Gruden is waiting..........

arnie said... Nov 19, 2012, 12:32:00 PM

there isn't a day when i don't. In fact i don't think it's me that needs to Bolt UP. it's the organization.

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