Quick Hits: Philip Rivers on his confidence level in the offensive line

The confidence in the San Diego Chargers has been slowly dropping as the team has started to fall in conference play from looking like they could go all the way to the Super Bowl to now being in a place that fans and the media consider the Chargers season over and out before they even play the Ravens on Sunday. Philip Rivers, meet with the media on Monday to discuss what is going on and one thing that he talked about is his confidence in the offensive line. The OL, has been blamed for Rivers bad play.
  “We had a miscommunication on the one where I know there was notable frustration. That is a heck of a defensive front. We got into a position where we were down two scores then you have to throw it. Again, that’s tough. Like I’ve always said, I have a great deal of confidence in those guys. They fought their tails off and allowed us to really do some good things in the second half. In the first half we didn’t do so well. Not in all areas. A lot of it Denver had to do with. They covered us, they compressed the pocket and I didn’t make any throws to get us any conversions on third down. It was a combination of a lot of things in the first half but the second half we were able to get going a little bit.”

Oh well, Rivers believes that the OL did all it could do and that it played well. n the difference between the offense in the first and second halves??

“We hit a couple things in the outside to the outside receivers. Then they started mixing things up and we got going. It was tough, it wasn’t easy. That one 80-yard drive, we had a couple of third down conversions that were kind of second and third receivers in the progression. Malcom there beating Champ Bailey. Danario Alexander making a big catch on third and one we take a shot at the end zone and on fourth and one we take a shot at the end zone. Those are big plays. In a game like that when you lose 30-23 and you have two turnovers and a blocked punt that they go for not. Those are big plays and those drives are drives that did occur. Those are things you have to build on. When you lose, no one wants to hear about the positive. Believe me, you don’t take much from it when you don’t win because that is the ultimate objective but there are some things we are doing that if we do better and more consistently, we will win. Until then, it is going to be a struggle to win a game which is what we are trying to get done.”

He did also, made a statement regarding how some player seeming down after the loss and the need to sit down with certain players:

“There are times when we break it down at the end of the game to where guys speak up and make sure everyone has the same direction, the same approach. You should be down. You should hope that was a down post-game locker room. It has been a tough little stretch. We know what that game would have done from a division standpoint. Obviously we know what losing that game would do from a division standpoint. We have to bounce back because Baltimore is not going to feel sorry for us. They have us here sandwiched in between their biggest division rival two times in a three week span. They’re on a roll right now so we have to be ready to step up to the challenge.”

Chargers players are not the only people who's confidence in the team has gone from the top of the world to calling the season over. When fans don't pay tickets to your games and 10.000 tickets are available for your next home game, a blackout is looming. Chargers, need to improve quickly or send people running for the door.

November 21, 2012

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RaiderHater said... Nov 21, 2012, 10:05:00 AM

Whoa...Rivers is of coarse saying his OL is trying and all that...if you had to rely on them to save your ass from getting killed, you would never say anything negative! That facts speak for themselves...they are struggling (that translates in Latin to sucking big), and a rushed Rivers is a bad Rivers. The Ravens are in town, we won't sell out because we all know it is almost all over. Well, except the Colts and Steelers lost and a win against the Ravens and by some freak chance, we may still have a shot in a wildcard spot. But even then, I hope Spanos is reviewing resumes and deciding when to pull the trigger. I see AJ surviving one more season (unfortunately), since his contract still has time and Spanos is a cheap skate. To save face, I would hope Norv is sent packing IF we lose this weekend. IF we win, he will live to see another week..that is my prediction. This is a big game for us...spoiler alert anyone?? The Broncos now feel invincible so the think they will stroll casually into KC for an easy win...well KC does suck but they have been known to sneak up and beat any Team in the West...I hope this is one of those time:) The only excitement I have is 1) the Raiders suck way more than we do 2) we WILL have a new coach and maybe a GM next season!! Other than that, Bolt Up because I am loyal (crazy, delirious, overly optimistic, A-Typical) long term Charger fan who loves the mental abuse I can count n "on any given Sunday"!!!

arnie said... Nov 22, 2012, 2:04:00 AM

LOL ahmen to that!
What do you expect Rivers to say? he's like his Coach. stick together. don't hold anybody accountable. and keep working, even if nothing changes.

Nick in PB said... Nov 22, 2012, 8:38:00 AM

Exactly... he's been saying that for years now. I know the players like Norv, the problem is, they can't see the forest through the trees! They don't see what we see. Ask Rodney Harrison, he sees it! He got rather passionate when asked about the Chargers. He said, how can you let start player after star player go, and then keep this coach? Good question.

arnie said... Nov 23, 2012, 4:34:00 PM

Yeah, Rodney got it right. He spoke the truth, but the players? they really don't have any choice, but to play for Norv. At this point Aj is trying to save face, that he an Dean made the right decision in firing Marty, and hiring Norv. to be honest i like Norv. as an OC...

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