Turner throwing up the white flag against Ravens?

Norv Turner spoke to the media again yesterday after the teams short practice to get ready to take on the 8-2 Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. The thing is that the opening statement made by Turner, gave the media and it's fans more of the same. The team is improving and had a great day in practice.
“I thought our guys came back and we got a lot done today. We’re obviously on a short week in terms of having a little bit shorter day tomorrow with Thanksgiving and all." We have heard it all before. But one comment made people look at each other going what is going on?

The statement was how much praise he gave a team that they pretty much have to beat to stay in any kind of race to the playoffs. 

"Obviously we are playing one of the better teams in the league. Baltimore is 8-2. They are a balanced team, outstanding on defense and they have had a very good offense. They have had games where they have great offensive production and they are outstanding in the kicking game, having one of the best returners in the league. We have a lot to prepare for and are obviously excited about returning back and playing at home.”

We all know and are familiar with opposing coaches being friendly and giving some praise.  But do you believe, that the above statement is telling a different story then before? Like that he knows that  his time as the teams coach is pretty much done? I know, in a previous story some of you believe that he is not giving it his all. How is his comment giving confidence in his players going into Sundays game?

November 22, 2012

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panamon said... Nov 22, 2012, 10:52:00 PM

This article is crap, you're using a quote to make your own point with absolutely no connection between the two. This site is garbage because of sensationalism like this, you can't even report basic quotes without stupid spin.

arnie said... Nov 23, 2012, 3:39:00 PM

I don't know whether Norv is throwing up the white flag, as much as just stating the obvious. like he always does. you see we're the idiots. we're the ones with the stupid questions, that he has to answer over an over again.
Besides, EVERY game is a big challenge for him.

andrew said... Nov 27, 2012, 3:39:00 PM

Fire Norv and AJ! Who could possibly feel intelligent by supporting this duo?! Norv couldnt make a camel drink water from a lake and AJ next draft pick will be from a 3rd stringer on a local high school team!

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