Data Indicates Chargers Likely To Win Against Panthers

Nobody knows what will occur when the Chargers host the Carolina Panthers on Sunday at Qualcomm stadium. The game, is blacked out for television viewers in Southern California. But data from the prediction market indicates the Chargers have a 58% chance of beating the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

Both teams entered this season with high expectations, and both have had incredibly disappointing seasons. The Chargers and Panthers each seem to have had a recent resurgence though. Not only did the Chargers pull off the upset of the season on the road against the Steelers, but the Panthers have won two out of their last three. Each team seems to have gotten a little of their original mojo back. But for the Chargers it may be a little to late.

A major difference between the two teams, which may be part of the reason the Chargers are a clear favorite in the trading marketplace, is that the Chargers have a positive net points differential for the season but the Panthers are still well negative. A team with +11 like the Chargers would typically be 7-6, not 5-8 at this point in the season. But they are and it is disappointing for all the fans of Chargers nation and they all wish, that the team was doing better. But with the Panthers at -47, their 4-9 record is well-deserved.

Trading for the game will continue through the weekend at SportsTradex. Until the game starts, it seems the market is somewhat stable in thinking the Chargers are a bit shy of having a 3 in 5 chance of winning. The Panthers defeated the Falcons last week and if the same takes the field on Sunday, the Chargers may be in trouble.

December 15, 2012

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Nick in PB said... Dec 16, 2012, 8:50:00 AM

That's a very interesting stat... goes to show you that this team isn't that far behind. New blood at the top and a better draft position and we could turn this thing around easily!

arnie said... Dec 16, 2012, 3:15:00 PM

as i'm watching the game. i looks like the data forgot Ron Rvera used to coach the defense. and is taking Norv to the woodshed.

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