Pilar's Chargers Fantasy: Drop'em or Pick'em week 15

Congratulations to all those who have made it to week 2 of the fantasy playoffs! The Chargers face the Carolina Panthers this week and believe it or not,there is still a reason to talk "start or sit" with your San Diego players as week 15 in the NFL has approached us quickly.

I'm going to be honest. I don't believe anyone still playing in their fantasy playoffs even has Phillip Rivers on their roster. However, I feel it's important to touch on what should be the foundation of any good team: the Quarterback.  If you're sitting at your computer and wondering whether or not you should start Rivers this week, let me help you out. No, Rivers is not the one who took you to the dance, therefore there's no reason to think about putting him on your starting lineup or get him off waivers, despite the temptation after last week's Chargers 34-24 upset win over the Steelers. It's safe to say that if you're in the playoffs, you have a stronger QB to start than Phillip Rivers. So whoever that special QB is, stick with him and start him this week over Rivers, injuries notwithstanding. On a positive note, I do see Rivers having a good game against Carolina with Danario Alexander seeing the benefits. But let’s be honest, do you really want to pin your playoff hopes on Rivers in week 2 of the playoffs with the Chargers erratic play? Deep down, you know the answer. And that answer is still no. You should have an upgrade already on your roster, but if not, search the waiver wire and remember, it's usually about matchups. Also, check until the last minute to see which QB will get scratched (Yes, I'm talking about you, RG III owners).

There's a drought in Southern California and guys, this drought is the production of Antonio Gates fantasy points. While maybe my theory on Coby Fleener out scoring Gates in fantasy points last week didn’t prove to be true, Gates only scored a little over 3 fantasy points. That simply won't get it done. Is this really the type of production that's going to get you crowned champion of your fantasy league? Probably not. Your TE should be getting you 50 yards and an occasional touchdown. I mean, seriously 5 points out of a TE during playoffs is not too much to ask for.  It's time to concede that Gates is not the fantasy producing machine he once was. In all honesty, I think teams have just started covering him and forcing Rivers to count on other players. Is there any other player on the waiver wire that I think could get you more than the 3 fantasy points that you can expect from Gates? No, but I think if you have another TE in your lineup, you should go with him in your week two matchup.

Can I ask how come Danario Alexander is not 100% owned in fantasy leagues?If his week 14 performance against a solid Steelers defense hasn’t made a believer out of everyone in his ability to give his fantasy owners a double digit fantasy point performance, then I don't know what will. He is clearly Phillip Rivers’ favorite target and it is no wonder why.Alexander makes the catches and finds the end zone. In the last four games, he's averaged 90 yards a game and it's no coincidence that 2 of Rivers' 3 TD passes last week landed in his hands. If he's still available in your league, pick him up and play him against the Carolina Panthers. if you're a Dez Bryant owner and can get your hands on Alexander, find a way to get him on your roster. I said it last week and I will say it again: start Alexander with confidence.

In week 14 against the Steelers, I didn't give Mathews much of a chance. However watching him play, I have to admit the guy was a workhorse. Both he and his teammates will be taking that confidence into week 15 against Carolina. Listen, if Mathews can get his owners another 6 to 7 fantasy points in week 2 of the playoffs, then he is certainly going to be a better RB start than what's on waivers. I like his matchup better than last week and something else to keep in mind: Carolina has given up the 6th most fantasy points to RBs this season.

Last week, anyone who took my convincing advice on picking up the Cleveland Browns’ defense and using them as a plug and play over the Chargers defense, found my risky but frisky advice to pay off. This week, if you're looking for another plug and play over the Chargers defense and are thinking about using the same argument I did last week and picking a the team that will be preying on the Kansas City Chiefs again, then cool your jets, Dexter. This week won’t be that easy. While it is tempting since the Oakland Raiders are available in pretty much 100% of all fantasy leagues, do you really feel comfortable starting the Oakland Raiders Defense in your fantasy playoffs? These are the same Raiders who have lost the last six games. Matter of fact, the last time they won was against...you guessed it, the KC Chiefs. I'm one to take a risk, but not like this.  If you're truly in need of a solid P&P option, you may still be able to get your hands on the Detroit Lions defense. The Lions are facing a pretty tasty matchup against Arizona. Other than that, I would say suggest sticking with the Chargers defense over the waiver wire pickups this week.

Good luck y’all
XO~ Pilar

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December 13, 2012

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