Chargers 2013 season Preview

The San Diego Chargers haven’t been a playoff time since LaDainian Tomlinson was still a lightning bolt on the field, and even then there was a sense of staleness in the Norv Turner era.
With yet another disappointing season in 2012, the Chargers closed to door on Turner’s San Diego legacy and moved on to new head coach Mike McCoy.
McCoy brings a new perspective and another elite offensive mind to the table, while also potentially making the most of quarterback Philip Rivers. With Rivers seemingly deteriorating in Turner’s vertical scheme, McCoy has brought in a new dink-and-dunk passing game to hopefully resurrect Rivers’ floundering career.

While it may work out, San Diego fans are understandably not yet convinced, and San Diego Chargers tickets rightfully hang below $200 - at $183 on average. While that’s a fair price, it’s actually a 30% increase on last year’s home average of $141 per game. Clearly the changing of head coaches has re-instilled some optimism in San Diego.
With that, let’s take a look at San Diego’s top-priced home games this year, while comparing prices and analyzing their chances of escaping with W’s:
Top 3 Home Games
(9/29) vs. Dallas Cowboys | Avg: $314 | Get-in: $121
Tony Romo and the ‘Boys march into town in late September with eyes on a road win. These are pretty evenly matched teams, which means fans could witness a shootout. These two teams don’t have an intense history, so a 72% increase on the home game season average is a bit of a surprise, but there’s still little doubt this on will be worth the price.
(11/10) vs. Denver Broncos | Avg: $239 | Get-in: $82
This is probably San Diego’s most important home game of the year, as they welcome Peyton Manning and last year’s division-winning Broncos into town. The Chargers had the Broncos done in their first meeting last year before a Philip Rivers’ second-half implosion. If Rivers can be turnover free, the Chargers may have a shot at stealing this game, which is just 31% above the season average.
(12/8) vs. New York Giants | Avg: $205 | Get-in: $75
The other Manning comes to town in early December to try to beat the team that once drafted him. There’s some bad blood there that always makes this matchup interesting, and fans can enjoy it with a minor 12% raise on top of the season average.

September 17, 2013

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