Founded in the summer of 2006, BOLTHYPE was originally conceived as a journal in which notes from Chargers training camps could be posted. As dedicated and devoted fans of the San Diego Chargers, we were not content to idly wait for the major media outlets to provide us with whatever little year-round coverage they could offer. So we took it upon ourselves to go out and create fresh content. The initial feedback was overwhelmingly positive and served as motivation to continue updating the blog throughout the year. Ever so slowly, BOLTHYPE gained readership and earned it's place as one of the earliest and most popular independent Charger blog on the web. We begged, borrowed, clawed and scratched for access to the team and their players; but we did it in a manner that was classy and respectful.

Our efforts began to pay off and soon we were lining up interviews, gaining media credentials here and there, and providing opinion pieces to radio stations and publications such as ESPN the Magazine. Our content began to get aggregated by some major sports websites, and the BOLTHYPE brand really began to earn credibility nation-wide.

In addition to growing our readership, BOLTHYPE primary goal is to take a professional approach to sports blogging, and we strive to improve year in and year out. Our posts are done in an editorial style, are typically scheduled in advance, and our opinions are strong and supported by facts and trends. BOLTHYPE is about as professional as it gets when it comes to fan-run, independent sports blogs. We try to be the standard by which a sports blog is measured.

The ultimate goal for BOLTHYPE is to become the premier Chargers blog on the internet, and to be recognized as one of the foremost destinations for thoughtful Chargers analysis. In order to make that goal a reality, we must continue to create compelling, original content that is on-par or better than what the professional media can provide. As fans of the Chargers our whole lives, we don't have to be unbiased in our views, although we do try to see a story from multiple angles. At the end of the day, we feel strongly that our takes on the San Diego Chargers are as good as they get, and we actively recruit our readership to provide us with their thoughts and opinions. All of our posts are open for commenting, and we are proud to feature the fan's voice.

Thank you for your interest in BOLTHYPE and we hope you'll continue to use this site as preferred source for fresh and informative takes, analysis, opinion, interviews, and breaking news on our favorite NFL team, the San Diego Chargers.


Founder, Executive Editor | (email)

Rob Zepeda has been a fan of the San Diego Chargers his whole life. In addition to his work here at BOLTHYPE , Rob also worked for AOL's Fanhouse as their lead Chargers blogger. His favorite Charger player of all time is Junior Seau. Besides his dedication to the Chargers, Rob enjoys other hobbies such as video games and Muay Thai; he works full-time in the video game industry and has been a Muay Thai practitioner for 3 years, traveling to Thailand twice to train, as well as training and fighting here in the states.

Editorial Director | (email)

Jeremy Meyer is a sports and entertainment reporter who began his career working as the Santa Monica College football beat reporter for the Santa Monica Daily Press before taking a job with Westside Chronicle to work the beat for UCLA/USC Football and the Avengers as well as covering the San Diego Chargers. He has also covered sports for the Orange County Register and the Los Angeles Sports Journal. He currently resides in Los Angeles and San Diego and joins BoltHype in 2012 as the site's new editorial director.

Senior Writer | (email)

Jeff Williams is a life-long San Diegan and Chargers fan. Previous to joining BOLTHYPE, Jeff was the featured Chargers blogger for MVN.com and the Sports Cartel Fan Network, and also ran his own Chargers blog, "Chargers Coverage". He is particularly fond of Super Bowl quarterback Stan Humphries, but has the highest respect for Dan "MFIC" Fouts. In the offseason, Jeff enjoys reading (historical and political non-fiction), photography, and hanging out with his wife of 5-years, Lisa.

Senior Writer | (email)

Anthony Blake is a western Pennsylvania native that happened to fall in love with the San Diego Chargers at age 9 when Dennis Gibson knocked down a goal line pass to defeat the hometown Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1994 AFC Championship game. His favorite Bolt of all-time is Natrone Means from that 1994 Super Bowl team, bouncing off of tacklers and picking up yardage with ease during that campaign. In addition to his work here at BOLTHYPE, he is also the team correspondent for the Chargers with Fanball Sports Network and writes periodically for Blitznation as well. He is a lover of the written word and thinks that a well-written sentence is a thing of beauty. Golf tends to claim the majority of his free time.

Writer | (email)

BOLTHYPE’s youngest writer (Age 23), Mychal Edelman was born a Charger fan, and even through the Ryan Leaf era... remains one. For sixteen years he has covered the Chargers from both the East and West coasts. A recent graduate of Towson University, he owns a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management. He has spread Charger pride east, traveling to support the Bolts in away games at New England, Baltimore, and New York. After an eight year stint in New Jersey and Maryland, Mychal has returned to San Diego, and is currently pursuing a career in sport management. His favorite Charger’s are Quentin Jammer and Antonio Gates. He also closely follows international football club Arsenal, and major league baseball’s Padres

Columnist |

Pilar Lastra may be best known for her suitcase-carrying skills on the popular NBC game show Deal or No Deal, but she is also the star of Playboy’s hit web series Hot Laps. As the host of Hot Laps, Pilar test drives the coolest new cars, takes advanced car courses with the top driving instructors, rides laps with national champions, and shows her viewers her racing skills as a former sponsored race car driver. In addition to her work on Deal or No Deal and Hot Laps, Pilar has recurrently appeared on NBC’s hit show Las Vegas, ESPN’s NFL News & Notes. Pilar has appeared in several national print campaigns such as Ford’s Warriors in Pink, Jose Cuervo Black, and Wolverine Boots, which involved heavy media appearance on television morning shows, radio shows, and newspaper outlets. She currently hosts The Playboy Fantasy Football Show on Sirius Fantasy Sport Channel, where Pilar gives her listeners fantasy football advice. Aside from giving ongoing expert fantasy football advise Pilar is currently a Formula 1 expert for the 2012 Pirelli Challenge. Pilar was also a contributing writer to the novel “Naked Came the Summer,” which was serialized on Sirius.com. Pilar is currently beginning her book tour for her first book titled Treat Me Like Your Car. A Man’s Guide to Treating A Lady. She has joined bolthype.com in 2012 to write the Chargers centric fantasy football column.

Columnist |

Gerald is a San Diego native and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (also known as California, Berkeley, or Cal), where he spent four years writing for The Daily Californian. He won the California College Media Association award for best sports column in 2007. He has covered numerous sports from college football and basketball to Major League Baseball for a number of websites. In addition to his work for BOLTHYPE, he writes for Examiner.com and StrawberryCanyonForever.blogspot.com (a blog about all things Cal).

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